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Technology has influenced the modern entertainment industry. The web is the home to almost everything which can be accessed virtually. People today can access movies, songs, video games, and various sorts of files as per their wish, and they can get it for free. Now by using torrent websites, people don’t need to pay for things that cost money otherwise.

This has affected many industries. Among other things, the entertainment industry has been struck hard by this trend. The torrent websites provide people with the latest and wide selection of movies and web shows. With the help of these sites, the people have access to a cheaper option as watching the same in theatres or subscribing to OTT platforms costs money. Due to this reason, more people are directed towards torrents, and the actual creators lose money.

There is one such popular torrent website that focuses on providing accessible Tamil content to its viewers. The name of the website is Tamildhool. This website enables Tamil viewers to both downloads and watches its content online.

Let us have a more in-depth view.

What is Tamildhool?

As discussed earlier, Tamildhool is a torrent website that leaks most of the Tamil movies and TV shows and allows the users to download these latest movies for free. Because of this, people prefer not to spend money on going to theatres and instead watch it for free.

They are very popular among the Tamil watchers, and despite serving contents only in one language, it has a large number of users.

Features of the Tamildhool Website

  • A reason for it gaining so much popularity is its pretty user interface that facilitates users throughout, and they end up having a pleasant experience. And this finally makes them depend on the website for all their craves for content in the Tamil language.
  • Tamildhool has a lot of content to provide to the users. And it is not just the amount of content, but it is also the wide selection of content that the users cherish about the website a lot.
  • The team of Tamildhool is pretty useful in updating the contents as per the user’s demand. They are very successful in providing their users with the latest movies and shows.

But all these features are just one side of the coin. The other side of the coin has a different story to tell. Tamildhool might be liked by the users but not the law, and according to the law, it is illegal.

Tamildhool is Illegal!

Tamildhool, like many other torrent websites, is also illegal. It leaks the copyrighted contents of other creators without their permission, and according to the Indian Copyrights Act,1957, ” only the creator has the right to communicate/sell/deliver their arts, literature, movies, etc.”. Any other person who wants to do the same has to first ask for permission from the creator, agree with him, and has to compensate him for the same.

Tamildhool neither asks for permission from the creators, nor it compensates them for that. This explains why it is free of cost.

So to protect the creators from these immoral acts, The Government of India has taken a critical step against these torrent websites. So, now Tamildhool, along with many other torrent websites are banned by the government and cannot be opened.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Though the website has been banned, but there are very few things that can stop determined minds. And in this case, the determined are from both sides,i.e., both the creators and the users.

  • The creators of Tamildhool are very determined to continue their website running, and for this, they have a trick of their own. They avoid their website from being banned by changing their domain extensions quite often. This helps them to keep their illegal website alive.
  • The users have been so used to watching free content and also Tamildhool’s interface that they are not willing to stop using this website and also not willing to pay for the same content which they can get for free. This situation has made them use specific VPNs that unblock the blocked website and allows them to access it.

Because of these acts, there are increased campaigns being held by various entertainment industry personalities and organizations to spread awareness among the people. They inform the public that piracy is illegal and therefore is a crime in the eyes of the law. They also explain how a person continuing this can end up in jail.

After all these discussions, now let’s ask the most important question of all, which affects us.

So, is Tamildhool safe to use?

Tamildhool, being illegal, definitely is not safe to use. As already mentioned, doing an illegal activity can end you up in jail. So a website is not safe to use if it can put you behind bars!

This does not end here. Along with the threat of imprisonment, there is also a threat of paying fines for illegal conduct.

Besides, there are technical reasons also which make it unsafe for the users. One of such is malware and ransomware threats.

The threat of malware and ransomware

Malware and ransomware are those files and programs that can easily disrupt the working and performance of your device in the best way possible. And according to a survey report near about 30% of torrent websites contain malware and ransomware, which is a significant number.

Tamildhool being a torrent website, also contains malware threats and can quickly enter into the systems of users while they download any movie or show.

Alternate option

So what to do if you neither want to spend a while in jail and paying fines nor want to leave your device vulnerable to certain malware and ransomware?

So, if you don’t want to get both yourself and your device in trouble and still watch those epic Tamil movies and shows, you can watch them in theatres(movies) on their release date and through Cable Television networks(shows) on the day when they are aired.

This way, you will be paying for the services you are receiving from the creators and intermediaries and can become a responsible citizen of the country.



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