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Whenever it comes to the top torrent websites on this planet, 1337x is one of the names that we get to hear. Of course, thanks to the availability of a wide range of content. Hence, we can easily be download to download movies, songs, software, games, and so many other contents free of cost. Also, the website is mostly being used for downloading movies and TV series.

Furthermore, the website also brings you content from premium OTT platforms like Netflix or Hulu. And you can watch these platforms content free of cost, and there is no need for you to buy any subscription.

Alternative of 1337x

Overall, 1337x is a pretty huge search engine where you can find almost all kinds of files. But as you already know that these days torrent websites are being targeted. Different governments and other agencies are keeping banning torrent websites. As a result, it became impossible for us to access a torrent website.

And this is one of the reasons why you might find 1337x website offline. However, the good part is that there are quite a lot of 1337x proxy and mirror websites that exist which can give you access to the website. And in this article, I am going to share a list of those proxy websites only.

So here we go:


What is 1337x Proxy Sites?

1337x proxy websites are websites that are hosted on an alternative URL. Usually, what happens when a government bans a website is that they do not ban the website completely. Instead, they ban the torrent website URL. As a result, when we try to visit the website, we cannot access it any longer.

But behind the scene, the website’s database is still intact and untouched. And there are a lot of domains that are connecting to the same database. So as a result, even if one domain gets blocked by your ISP or you cannot access it. But you still have access to lots of other URLs that you can use.

Why Is 1337x Blocked in Various Countries?

There are many countries out there where this torrent website is blocked. As a result, it is not possible for us to visit the website without the help of 1337x proxy sites. But the question is why is 1337x blocked in various countries in the first place?

The main reason for this is copyright. As the creators put a lot of their hard work and investments to come up with a product. And they want to make a profit out of it. But since torrent websites are known for promoting piracy and allows you to download premium content and movies free of cost. The creators get mostly affected.

Also, it directly violates the copyright policies. Hence, in order to control policies, many countries have different rules. And blocking torrent websites is one of the steps that they usually take. By blocking the torrent website, it simply prevents users from downloading pirated content.

How to Unblock 1337x Website?

So the question is how to unblock 1337x torrent website? Well, there are three different ways that you can use to unblock the website.

Like, you can use proxy websites. Or you can use a tor browser or VPN for the job. However, in case if these terms sound unfamiliar to you. Then let me just explain all of these terms one by one:

Tor Browser:

TOR stands for The Onion Router, and it is a web browser that helps you to anonymize your web traffic using a Tor Network. As a result, it will not be possible for anyone to track down what you are doing online.

Tor network is a hub of individual networks that allows you to create anonymous communications. As a result, you will be able to block websites like torrent websites. Also, the browser is absolutely free to use and you can get started with it the way you use any other web browser.

Web Proxy:

There are quite a lot of websites out there that offers you Web proxy. Web proxies are a service that allows you to select a server location and then you can easily use that server’s IP address to browse the internet. A web proxy is also free to use. However, in terms of reliability, it is not that great.


Lastly, there is a VPN, and it is one of the secure methods that you can try out. Even most of the torrent websites recommend you to use a VPN.

VPN stands for the virtual private network, and it is mostly used by corporations to protect sensitive data. However, these days VPN is also quite popular around the individual users.

Usually, what happens is when you connect to a VPN network, it does not directly connect you to the internet like the normal network. Instead, you get connected to a VPN network, and after that, the VPN service allows you to browse the internet.

As a result, your ISP or internet service provider will know that you have connected to a VPN. But not what you do after that. However, VPN service is not free, and you will need to buy a subscription.

Top 10 1337x Proxy or Mirror Sites


Top Torrent Sites Like 1337x

The Pirate Bay

At first, I have The Pirate Bay and as you already know that it is one of the most popular torrent websites. Using this website, you will be able to download all kinds of digital files completely free of cost.

The website was started back in 2003, and over the years, it has become an online index of digital content of entertainment media and software.

Using this website, you can search, download, and contribute magnet links and torrent files. Also, the site has a huge library. As a result, no matter what kind of file you are looking for, you will find it on this website.

Kickass Torrents

Next, there are the Kickass Torrents. This one is also one of the oldest yet best torrent websites out there. The website allows you to download a different kind of files like movies, music, software, and other content. Also, the website is absolutely free to use.

Kickass torrents are usually known as the KAT, and it offers you a directory of torrent files and magnet files. And it was founded in 2008. However, on 20 July 2016 the website was blocked. But luckily, there are still quite a lot of proxy websites are available which you can use to access KAT.CR.


If you are a frequent torrent downloader, then I am pretty sure you know about YTS. As it is one of the best free movie downloading torrent website. The website gets regularly updated, and you will find the latest and the old movies. Also, the movies are downloaded in HD quality. Getting started with the website is also pretty easy. All you have to do is search for the movie that you wish to watch and browse one, and you are good to go.


Next, there is the RARBG. This one is also one of the most popular torrent websites available out there. The website was founded back in 2008, and it is one of the biggest torrent sites in today’s time. On this site, you will find torrent files and magnet links.

However, the website is blocked in quite a lot of countries. But there are quite a lot of proxy sites are available which are still working. And you can use these proxy sites to download movies, apps, anime, games, and so on.


Up next, I have the LimeTorrents. This one is also considered as one of the top torrenting websites. And a great alternative to the 1337x search engine. The torrent website also allows you to download movies, games, software, Anime, apps, and other content.

However, you may not be able to access the website. As the website gets frequently blocked. However, there are quite a lot of other mirror sites, and proxy websites are available which you can use for the job.


EZTV is also one of the popular torrenting websites out there. And you can use this torrent website for downloading TV shows. Apart from TV Shows, the website does not offer you any other content. Also, the best part of the torrent website is that it supports both direct and magnet download.

Along with that, the torrent website gets regularly updated. And you will find content in HD quality for the best viewing experience. Also, yes, the website is absolutely free to use.


You can also check out Zooqle. This one also features an impressive database holding more than 3.5 million torrents. However, the website has gained popularity in recent times only. And the torrent website database has more than 37, 000 movies and 600+ television shows.

The user interface of this torrent website is also pretty easy to use. Also, the torrent site has a loyal fan base and gets regularly updated. As a result, you will be able to download the latest content free of cost.

Torrent Galaxy

Up next, I have the Torrent Galaxy. This is another torrent downloading website that you can use for absolutely free. The website has a vast database, and you will find almost all the contents that you are looking for.

It also features a variety of categories that you can download files from. Some of the popular categories are anime, books, games, movies, songs, applications, movies, documentaries, television shows, sports shows, and much more.

The website’s user interface is also pretty clean. And it would be pretty easy for you to get started with the website.


Torlock is one of the rare websites that you can try out. The website is backed by a huge database of verified torrents. And you will find torrent files from different categories. To name a few, it offers you torrent files from music, anime, and e-books, among many other files.

The user interface of the website is also pretty clean, and it gets updated for each new torrent release. Furthermore, the website also claims that they have more than 5 million verified torrents. And it features a top 100 list where you will find all the popular torrent downloads.

As well as the website offers you rare content. Means, it offers you files that are hard to find on any other torrent website out there. As a result, it is one stop solution for all your torrent needs.


Torrentfunk is also one of the top torrenting websites available out there. The website does not only features a sizeable database of torrent files from all across the internet. But along with that, it also displays a verification status.

Using the verification status, you will be able to filter through the fake links and select the best torrent link for your use. Apart from that, it also features one of the most advanced user reviews sections. The section allows users to read and post a comment on their favorite links.

Moreover, the website also features the date on which the torrent link was added, the name of the uploaded, the number of seeds, and the health of the seed. Also, you will find torrent links from different categories like music, movies, software or games.

Is it safe to visit 1337x?

In certain countries, visiting torrent websites can also land you into legal issues. Hence, it is advised to use a VPN while browsing torrent websites. As VPN can anonymize your network so nobody will be able to track you down.

There are quite a lot of VPN applications that are available out there. However, NordVPN stands out to be the best one. And here is how you can use NordVPN to browse 1337x anonymously:

Step 1: At first, you have to go to the NordVPN website.

Step 2: Then click on the “Get NordVPN” button.

Step 3: After that, you have to choose a plan and create an account and select a payment method. It comes with 30 days money back guarantee. So in case if you do not like their service you can ask for a refund.

Step 4: After that, you have to download NordVPN’s client to your device and install it.

Step 5: Finally, launch the client and click on the sign in button, and all your traffic will get anonymous.

Final Words:

So that was all for the 1337x and 1337x proxy sites. Now go ahead and check these proxy sites out and see how they are working for you. Also, if you have anything else to ask, then do feel free to comment below. And I will surely help you out.


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