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Hollywood Movies and TV Shows! Are you someone who loves watching them? Then, my dear friend, you have come to the right article because today we are going to share some information about an amazing website which allows you to watch Movies for Free. In this article let’s discuss everything about VoirFilm and how you can watch movies from here, What kind of movies are available on this site and whether it is safe to download or watch movies from here. Keep reading because you will get full information in this article, but first let’s check out some backstory.

The Voirfilm is a website that shares pirated content so users can have free access to it. This website is very much similar to 9xMovies, Extramovies, 123Movies and shares content illegally. If you are looking for some useful piracy website that posts the latest videos then Voirfilm is one of the best platforms. As we all know that Piracy is a major International concern and people who share pirated content are causing a huge loss to the Movie Making Industries and many other people are affected by it. Sometimes because of cyber cells and being on the wrong side of the law, the website developers decrease a particular collection or are not able to upload specific movies the latest on the website.

But why is there so much piracy going on? Well, the major reason is the high price tag associated with these Movies which are released online. Another reason is the subscription-based services which charge a lot and most of the time one simply cannot afford to buy a subscription and simultaneously pay for another one. There are a lot of OTT Platforms nowadays and any new movie releasing will be either available in any one of them. Suppose someone buys a subscription for a particular platform and the movie he is waiting for is going to arrive on a different platform.

Do we support Piracy? NO! We strongly recommend our readers Pay for the Movies or TV Show and support the Movie Makers and the Actors associated behind it. If someone cannot afford to buy a subscription then “Group Buy” is something which can help reduce the cost by a huge margin. This article is just for educational purposes about the website and also lets you download without any trouble. We also recommend you to download a VPN App first before downloading anything from these websites. So now without wasting any more time and get straight into today’s article.


What is Voirfilm?

Voirfilm Homepage

The VoirFilm website is one of the popular Piracy websites out there and carries the latest Movie and TV Series leaks especially from Hollywood. As soon as you open up the website you will be treated with all the latest and greatest in the Hollywood industry on this site. Most of the latest Hollywood movies which were released this year are available on the website. In fact, some movies which were released In theaters shortly before are also available. Most importantly you get that movie to watch for free on this site which is amazing.

What type of Content Available at Voirfilm?

When you fire up the VoirFilm website on your device you will mainly see the content categorized into Hollywood Movies or TV Shows and both of these categories are filled with amazing content which you will love to watch.

Hollywood English Movies: VoirFilm gives you a nice facility to enjoy Hollywood English Movies. On the homepage, you will see all the latest Hollywood movies and you can also browse the movie according to the release year. Most of this movie is available to purchase online however here you are getting it for free.

TV Shows: Secondly, there are TV Shows where you find a full list of Popular Hollywood shows. You can easily watch any episode or the entire season of any show in just a few clicks. Some of the popular TV Series you will find on VoirFilm are Brooklyn Nine-Nine Shows, The Vampire Diaries, Rick and Morty, The Big Bang Theory, etc. Another good thing is that most of the shows available on the list will be in the English language so anyone can easily enjoy the show.

Why is it famous?

The VoirFilm website is famous for a couple of reasons, the first one is having a large collection of Movies and you don’t have to pay for anything. Anything published on the website is free to watch or download and you don’t even need to register on the website Thus you are also not providing any of your personal information. All the movies available on this site are also in Full HD (High Definition) Quality. You also have the flexibility of choosing the quality depending upon your Mobile or Computer screen such as 1080P, 720P or 480P.

Voirfilm Website Features

VoirFilm is one of the easiest websites to use when it comes to Piracy. It has a lot of different features which adds up to the overall user experience of the website. Both the PC and Mobile interface of the website is different and designed accordingly to help the user navigate through the website without any difficulty. When you open the VoirFilm site on your computer device, you see the categories of movies above. On the other hand, when you open this site on mobile, you first see updates of the latest movies and on the downside, the categories of movies are visible.

User Friendly Interface

As we all know that the first impression is the last impression. If the design of the website is not user friendly then the user is not going to visit the website ever again. VoirFilm has a very user-friendly interface and the website is also very easy to operate. On the top, you will find the Movies and TV Shows which have recently been released. On the menu bar, you will find dedicated pages for both Movies and TV Shows. You can also find movies according to Title (Alphabetical Order), Year, Gender and Host. You can also browse the catalog based on Genre.

Availability of Content

VoirFilm has a huge library of Hollywood English Movies and TV Series. Sometimes the movies are available just after they are released in theater or even before the release which is great as you get to see the movie first. The content is also updated on a regular basis while it already has around 10,000+ Movies on the site. The Genres available on this site are Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantastic, History, Horror, Music, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, TV movie, Thriller, War, and Western. Apart from movies and TV Shows the website also features Documentaries which is something we usually don’t see on other websites.

How to Access Voirfilm Website

If you are a regular visitor to the website and now wondering why the website is not opening then don’t worry as you have visited the right place. As the VoirFilm website continues to share pirated content it always comes under the radar of the Cyber Department and keeps getting blocked as ordered from the Government and with the help of Local ISPs. However, the developer of the website keeps making new domains and reviving the website for its visitors. We have compiled the list of all the working VoirFilm domain names and you will find them listed below.

Disclaimer:Piracy is a Crime, and we Never support this. In This Article, We have shared some knowledge about this website to help people to learn about it. it’s only for educational purposes. All media/content Copyrighted to their respective owners. We do not promote Piracy or any illegal activities that violate any law. This article was only standing for educational purposes. If you have any queries regarding this article please briefly contact us by writing an email. We will also recommend you to stay away from websites because they are not secured and might steal your information at some point. You will also land on the wrong side of the law if you download anything from Piracy Websites.

List of Working Voirfilm Proxy 2020

Please find the list of all Working VoirFilm Domains below. You can also bookmark this page and come back later in case the domains listed here stop working. We will be updating the list very frequently as soon there is any new update from the developers.

  • voirfilms.cs

How to Stream or Download Movies from Voirfilm?

Operating the VoirFilm website is very easy and anybody can watch or download their favorite content from here in just a few simple steps. If you are new to the website and don’t know How to Watch Online Movies from VoirFilm Website? then don’t worry, follow the steps below to get it done.

Once you open up the website by visiting the links above you will find all the latest updated movies on the homepage itself. If you simply want to browse Movies and TV Shows then Click on the Menu Bar and you will have two options for each.

Let us explain this better by taking an example. If you want to download a Hollywood movie from this website then click on the Hollywood Movie category and look for the year of release. Then find the movie you want to watch. You can also use the search feature and find the movie directly.

Once you find what to watch then click on its name and it will take you to a new page with more details about the movie as well as screenshots. On the bottom you will find links to watch the movie, you will also notice that there are multiple links for 1080p, 720p, and 480p.

Click on the link and it will take you to the website where the content is actually hosted and over there you can watch or download the movie. That’s it! These were the simple steps to watch or download any movie from this website.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) About Voirfilms

Ques. Is it legal to watch movies from the VoirFilm site?

Ans. Actually, VoirFilm is a Piracy website Like Downloadhub & Tamildhool and all such websites fall on the wrong side of the law and are definitely illegal. If you are trying to download or watch anything from this site then it is also illegal. This is as per the government regulations Copyright Act 1957, it is a legal offense to steal and use original work.

Ques. What are the Legal Alternatives to VoirFilm?

Ans. All the other piracy websites like VoirFilm are also illegal. If you are looking for a legal alternative to VoirFilm then you have to look at websites like Hotstar, MX Player, Sony Liv, Ice Movie, Yes Movies, Gomovies, Nitro, HDO, Netflix, Sonycrunch, PopcornFlix, Amazon Prime Video, Movie Ninja, Movies Wap, Movies4u, Lookmovies, and ZmoviesHBO.

Ques. Why is the Pirated website banned?

Ans. Pirated Websites cause a huge loss to the Movie Industry and other people including in it such as Movie Producer, and Actors. Thus under the Copyright Act 1957, it is made legal offense to steal and use original work. Any website sharing Original movie content to the site without the permission of the Filmmakers will be banned at some point by the officials.

Ques. Is downloading from VoirFilm Safe?

Ans. No! It is illegal to download anything from a Piracy website. If someone is caught running these pirated websites or using these pirated sites, then it should be punishable by up to 3 years and a heavy fine. So we recommend you to stay away from such websites or use a VPN app to hide your identity.

Final Words

I hope you like the article and the information given in it. voirfilm is an amazing website that helps us to watch or download our favorite Movie or TV Series in just a few clicks. Now that you have learned to operate the website you can enjoy Movies with your family. If you loved reading the article then don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media. In case you have any doubt then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below and we will try our best to help you out. We will be back with another update very soon! Until then Goodbye!


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