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After the Alita: Battle Angel colossal success, the makers of this movie have thought of making a sequel Alit: Battle Angel 2. The filmmakers James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez are thinking to make it happen again. As per their announcements, the movie will hit the theatres soon enough. Around the time when Alita: Battle Angel hit the theatre, the movie directors were interested in writing a sequel for this movie. The first movie gained a huge fanbase waiting for the sequel. However, the directors said that the sequel is possible, and it will soon hit the theatres.

Also, the Alita: Battle Angel movie ending certainly sets up a sequel as we have already seen the first movie, which deals with Alita discovering her past as Berserker, growing relationship with “father” Ido, growing skills at Motorball and romantic relationship with cyborg-Jacker Hugo. When we look into the horizon, we will find a culprit in the city of Zalem, who provokes and motivates Alita to grow upwards. He sends Grewishka after her, and when Hugo dies trying to climb up to the city, Alita vows to find her way up to Zalem to kill the villain.

All these consequences lead to the sequel of the movie.Alita: Battle Angel Series has got a Separate Fan base across the world. Alita: Battle Angel Series 1 loved by Anime lovers as well as the typical audience. The release date of Alita: Battle Angel 2 is yet to be decided by the filmmakers and the producers.

Alita: Battle Angel 2 All Latest Updates


The Cast of Alita: Battle Angel 2

All set to the sequel of the movie Alita: Battle Angel 2, after the massive success of Alita: Battle Angel, the movie has gained a considerable number of fans waiting for its sequel. Everyone is waiting to know more about its sequel, Alita: Battle Angel 2., the Plot, cast, release date. Much likely, the cast of Alita: Battle Angel 2 should be the same as the first part because those characters created a life among fans.

  • Rosa SalazarasAlita, a female humanoid cyborg who has no memory of her past
  • Christoph Waltzas Dr. Dyson Ido, a well-known scientist of cyborg and also Godfather of Alita
  • Jennifer Connellyas Dr. Chiren, Dr. Ido’s estranged ex-wife, also an engineer of cyborg
  • Mahershala Alias Vector
  • Ed Skreinas Zapan, a high-handed hunter
  • Jackie Earle Haleyas Grewishka, a huge cyborg criminal working for Nova
  • Keean Johnsonas Hugo, Alita’s lover
  • Lana Condoras Koyomi, a teenager who is friends with Hugo and Tanji.
  • Jorge Lendeborg Tanji, Hugo’s scrap dealer friend
  • Eiza Gonzálezas Nyssiana, a wanted criminal cyborg assassin, and Grewishka’s subordinate.
  • Jeff Faheyas McTeague, a Hunter-Warrior who leads a pack of cyborg dogs.
  • Idara Victoras Nurse Gerhard, Ido’s assistant.
  • Rick Yune, as Master Clive Lee, a Hunter-Warrior is claiming a record of 207 kills.

The Plot of the Movie

Roza Salazar, the main lead of Alita: Battle Angel Series, is a humanoid robot, who was brought back to life bya doctor named Dyson Ido. The doctor has designed a robotic body for his dead daughter, and he gives that robotic body to Alita and cares for her like his own daughter. The doctor treats Alita like his own daughter.

This story revolves around the humanoid robot Alita and how she takes up different roles in the movie. The doctor introduced her as a Hunter-Warrior, but when she met Hugo, a motor ballplayer, she also shows interest in MotorBall and becomes a Motorball player. The movie deals with scientist Dr. Dyson Ido discovered an intangible femalecyborg with the human brain when he was searching for some parts in the Iron City. Ido then connected the cyborg body with a brain and named her Alita, the name of his very own daughter.

Alita when woke up, she had no memory of her past. She begins to live a new life from the beginning and becomes friends with Hugo, a young man who wants to move to the vibrant sky city Zalem. She meets some people, among which one person was Dr. Chiren, who was Ido’s estranged ex-wife. Hugo then introduces Alita to Motorball, a racing sport played by cyborg gladiators. However, Hugo robs cyborgs of their parts for Vector.

Alita was following Ido, and suddenly, they are trapped by a gang of cyborgkillers, which was led by Grewishka. Ido gets poorly injured, and Alita fights with the cyborg killers. She kills two of the cyborgs and disfigures Grewishka, who retreats. Ido then discloses that he is a Hunter- Warrior. Grewishka goes to Dr. Chiren for help, who is working for Vector. Despite all these, Alita believes that fighting will help her rediscover her past. However, Ido forbids her from becoming a Hunter-Warrior.

One day, Alita finds a highly advanced cyborg body in a crashed spaceship on the outskirts of the city. She recognizes that the body belongs to a Berserker. Disappointed, Alita registers herself as a Hunter-Warrior. At the Kansas Bar, she and Hugo are unable to recruit other Hunter-Warriors to help her take down Grewishka. Then she meets Zapan, a cyborg Hunter-Warriorwho provokes Alita, and she beats him in a fight until Ido arrives to intervene. Suddenly, an upgraded Grewishka appears and challenges Alita to a duel, revealing that he has been sent by Zalem’stechnocratoverlord, Nova, to destroy her.

Although she was good at fighting, Alita’s body is damaged by Grewishka, before Ido, Hugo, and Hunter-Warrior dog master McTeague arrive and force Grewishka to retreat. Ido apologizes and transplants Alita into the Berserker body. Alita then falls in love with Hugo, and she enters a Motorball try out race to win the prize money for Hugo to send him to Zalem.

Hugo realizes his love for her and decides to leave this criminal job. He opposes his partner Tanji, but Zapan appears, kills Tanji, and frames Hugo for the murder of another cyborg. Hugo, however, escapes and calls Alita for help. Alita, who was in the middle of the motor ball race, abandons the race and finds him just as Zapan does. Zapan injures Hugo. Dr. Chiren, having changed her mind about working for Vector, offers to help and save Hugo by attaching his severed head to Alita’s life support system. When Zapan sees through the trick and attempts to stop Alita, she injures him severely.

Ido transplants Hugo’s head onto a cyborg body and tells Alita that Vector’s offer to help Hugo reach Zalem was a lie. As a citizen of Zalem, Ido is certain that citizens of Iron City cannot enter Zalem without becoming a motor ball champion. Alita goes to the Factory and opposes Vector, who discloses that Chiren has been gathered for her organs. Vector summons Grewishka, but Alita’s newnanotechbody quickly destroys him. She forces Nova to speak to her through Vector. When Nova threatens to harm her friends, Alita stabs Vector.

Ido tells Alita that Hugo has fled to climb a cargo tube towards Zalem. Alita catches up to him and pleads with him to return with her. He eventually agrees, but a defense ring dropped by Nova shreds his body and threw him off the tube. Alita catches him but cannot pull him up. Hugo thanks Alita for saving him before falling to his death. Months later, Alita is shown as a rising superstar in the Motorball tournament. When the vast crowd was cheering for her, she pledges vengeance by pointing her plasma-charged sword toward Zalem, where Nova watches from above, smirking.

Updates Regarding Alita: Battle Angel 2

Although there are plans for anAlita: Battle Angelsequel,it is not in hit-light. A sequel to the movie depends on what the first movie has got in return. If it was a great success, then definitely, the producers will think of writing a sequel for the fanbase. In this case also, Alita: Battle Angel was a huge success and gained a considerable number of fans by its Plot and casts.

However, the filmmakers have given a hint that they are thinking of making a sequel of Alita: Battle Angel and it will hit the theatre soon. But there is nothing officially said about this. Also, the casts themselves are not very clear about whether the sequel will happen or not.

What Producers Have to Say?

The producers have said that they are very much looking forward to making a sequel as the fans are waiting to know what happens next. In the next movie, we could predict that the story will be like this, Alita’s journey to Zalem, where Alita, after losing the love of her life, is now a renowned and rising superstar in the Motorball Tournament. As she is cheered by the crowd, her plasma charged sword is pointed towards Zalem and eyes full of vengeance, she vows to avenge Hugo.

So, it is pretty clear that the next movie would be a trip to Zalem and a fantastic fight between Alita and Nova as he was the one smirking at the pointed sword. Moreover, some controversies are going on between Disney channel and Sony TV, and Sony TV has acquired Disney channel. Therefore, the sequel of a movie releasing on Disney will now be approved by Sony TV. If they allow the producers, only then the movie sequel will be released. It was coordinated by Robert Rodriguez and delivered by James Cameron, who co-composed the movie content the film got 400 million overall deals.

Words of Filmmakers and the Lead Actress

However, we aren’t sure if it’s sufficient for a sequel. “The whole Disney/Fox acquisition is so involved, this isn’t the right time for me to call [Disney co-chairman] Alan Horn and be like, ‘Hey bro, I know you got a lot of stuff going on, but like what about Alita 2?'” Said Rosa Salazar. Cameron and Rodriguez have hinted that the film could lead to multiple sequels.They announced the sequel of the movie on February 6th, 2019. The cast Nova, in this film, was intended to make a sequel of this movie as he was the one who was smirking at the end of the sword, which Alita showed at the Motorball race. Additionally, the uncredited cameos byMichelle RodriguezandJai Courtneywere meant to set up more significant roles in a sequel.

Will Alita: Battle Angel Get a Sequel

In an interview withBBC Radio 1, Cameron explained the reason for rearranging the film title from the initial source material, allowing the possibilities of sequel titles, “It’sAlita, colon,Battle Angel. Because the next one will be “Alita: Fallen Angel” and thenAlita… you know “Avenging Angel” and thenAlitawhatever. I mean, that’s assuming we make some money”. Christoph Waltz, in April 2020, stated that there is nothing he knows whether the movie will get a sequel or not and though the possibility was unlikely following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox as it may not have fit in with the Disney brand. Although in the sequel, Alita: Battle Angel is faithful when it comes to the look and general aesthetics of the original anime. However, there were some decisions made. The lead character’s story was somehow changed, as well as her relationship to the different personalities in her life. This means the movie is not the exact transition from text to screen. So, there are possibilities that the next part will revolve around Alita and Nova and a massive fight between them.

What Can We Conclude

Indeed, these are just a few of the questions thatAlita: Battle Angelfans have at the moment. Although the producers and directors are also unknown to what should happen next, according to the first part, the story should go around like that only. Also, the movie seems predictable as it somehow seems incomplete when Nova gave a smirk look to Alita. It indicates that there should be a sequel in which there will be some fight between Alita and Nova, and Alita will take revenge from Nova for her beloved Hugo. So, let’s wait for the sequel to hit the theatres soon.



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