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If you are an ardent movie enthusiast and like to spend your weekends on tv show classics and the latest web series, you might have a subscription to Netflix, Disney, or Prime. But if you don’t want to spend money on that and still manage to catch the latest movies, there’s a high possibility that you know about 1Movies.

After all, it’s one of the very few online websites that offer the latest video content to stream and download for no cost. If not, you must check out the exciting collection of shows and web series available for streaming absolutely free. But where do you find the website?

The web address is But a lot of users have complained of not being able to access the website. So has the website shut down? The website often gets blocked by regulatory authorities because of its pirated content.

If you’re wondering if 1Movies has completely shut down in your area, you’re wrong. Fortunately, the website keeps finding ways to stream content and stay online. The website adopts new clone names and keeps running their illegal activities.

If one domain blocks the website, they switch to an alternative domain and keep offering unlimited content. You can easily find proxy servers, and the list keeps updating on a day to day basis. Let’s check out the ways to access 1Movies even when the site is down or seems shut down.


Methods to Access 1Movies when It’s Shut down

1Movies has been blocked multiple times by various countries. If you’re encountering such a problem, VPN can help you unblock the website. Here are a few simple methods to continue watching 1Movies

Using Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are alternative web addresses that direct you to the desired domain. Proxies like,,, and more are currently working. The list keeps updating, and a simple Google search will let you find these. is also currently working always. The website, fortunately, hasn’t been shut down so far. Copyright issues are behind this constant switching of domains. You would have to go the extra mile to continue watching paid content for free.

The proxy sites are pretty easy to use. There is no requirement to download anything for using these websites. Just enter the web address in your browser, and you’re done. Your key to free movies and the latest TV shows is here. You can also alternatively use other websites, but they may not be as reliable as 1Movies. Since 1Movies is usually the first to leak the latest shows, it has to be your go-to place.


VPN hides your IP address and connects you to another country’s server. 1Movies is famous worldwide because of its broad reach and hence doesn’t get blocked in every country at the same time.

You can install any VPN app on your device, change your location, and then try to access Good VPN services are typically paid, but you can also check out the free ones available on the Play Store or Windows.

Paid VPN services are more reliable and ensure your safety. The website won’t be able to gather your user data and IP address. Since watching illegal content may land you in trouble, you should prefer using the service using a VPN. VPN also saves your device from malware, but it’s better to avoid clicking on ads shown by 1Movies.

Take the necessary precautions and use proxy websites to continue watching unlimited content on 1Movies and save hundreds of bucks every month.



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