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Who does not like to watch movies and binge TV series for free and without any limits? If you are a true movie freak, you sure know a site that offers you this. Putlocker is one such name in the internet market that brings to mind all the amazing movies and TV series to watch for free. However, if you no longer want to blog with Putlocker, here we have shared with you all some best Putlocker alternatives to watch free movies and TV series.


What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a website that offers free movies and TV shows to watch for its users. The site does not cost a single penny to watch its content. It was established in the year 2012 in the United Kingdom. The site bloomed for a long time because of the amazing service it offered.

Putlocker Frontpage

What’s best is that you do not have to register on this site to use it. You can simply go to the Putlocker website and start streaming. A few ads here and there are obvious for this is a free site to stream. But another good feature it offers is the range of video quality from CAM to HD, etc.

However, the site was soon taken down by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) of the UK. Since then, it has lost a massive amount of visitors. Although it tried keeping the status of the site alive by changing domain names, like, which is its a current domain name, not all users could get hold of it.

As a result, the safety, as well as access to Putlocker, reduced significantly. But since there is plenty of fish in the sea, mourning over one site would be silly. There’s a whole world of sites like Putlocker which offer free movies and TV series and a lot more. So if you are looking for the alternatives to Putlocker, go ahead and check the best for yourself from the numerous options mentioned below!

Best Putlocker Alternatives to watch free Movies and TV series

Mentioned below are the best Putlocker alternatives we could grab for you guys to watch

1) 123movies

The first on this random list of Putlocker alternatives is 123movies. The site has got a lot to offer right from a ton of movies for free to numerous amazing TV series. You will find the UI of 123movies pretty decent with different categories on the main page like TV, Movies, Genres, Year, News and so on.

A feature of the site that sets it apart from other Putlocker alternatives is that you can make a request to the site owners for a particular movie or movies in case you are looking for a movie but did not find it on the site. Now that sounds really amazing, doesn’t it?

2) FMovies

FMovies would be the ideal Putlocker alternative considering the fame and service the two offer. This name needs no introduction since it has been serving users with free movies and shows to watch for years now.

The site has got a huge database of movies and other entertainment collections and offers a great and user-friendly experience with it’s the simple yet attractive interface. The search bar present at the main home page in the center helps in finding the most accurate results and in no time. Thus, if you are looking for a simple to use yet the massive collection of movies site, FMovies would be the best choice.

3) Vumoo

Vumoo is one of those amazing sites that need no introduction. This well-known movies streaming site is pretty minimal with a decent User interface.

It displays a description of movies like IMDB rating, cast, director, etc. So users can get an idea of what they will be watching. The site does not make it compulsory to register or log in to use the site.

Vumoo, just like any other free streaming site, has some ads here and there but less than most other sites, and those can be dealt with easily. However, the only backlog Vumoo has is the absence of filters. But to fulfill its absence, a search option is always present to help you out with the movie you wish to watch. Be sure to check this one out!

4) Yify TV

Yify TV is yet another popular movie streaming site that could be held as one of the best Putlocker alternatives. Contrary to its name, Yify TV has got no series or TV shows to offer its users yet but surely has a great hub of movies.

Yify TV gives you a detailed description that includes information about IMDb rating, director, storyline, cast, and a lot of other stuff. HD movies are always available to watch here and apart from that you also get 4 to 5 options given from which you can choose anyone in case the others do not work.

5) Popcornflix

Though it sounds more of a Netflix Alternative, Popcornflix has all that it takes to be the best Putlocker alternative. Popcornflix is a free movie streaming site that offers the best and latest movies as well as TV series to watch without having to pay a single penny, unlike its familiar-sounding – Netflix. However, the User interface of this site is somewhat similar to Netflix. So you might get a feeling of watching Netflix, but for free of cost.

6) DownloadHub

The next best Putlocker alternative is Download Hub. You can watch numerous movies for free over this site. The most unique feature of the site lies in its name. One can not only watch movies here but also download them to watch later on, thus the name Download Hun. Such an option is offered by very few streaming sites. Another vital feature worth mentioning of this site is the option to search movies which is based on a number of filters like quality, dubbed, size, etc. So if you know what you want, you will end up finding the best for yourself here!

7) WatchFree

As the name introduces itself, WatchFree is another amazing Putlocker alternative to watch movies for free. This great streaming site has got to offer a number of cool movies for free. You do not need to log in or sign up or register in order to use this site. Timely notifications to do so might occur but they can be ignored harmlessly.

WatchFree is a well-organized site with categories that will help you find the best movies to stream when you are in a confusion about what to watch. Some of the categories include – Top 100 movies of all time, latest, popular, etc. The best part about WatchFree is that this site is frequently updated and thus there are high chances to find the most recent movies here.

8) Yesmovies

YesMovies is one such Putlocker alternative that you sure know of if you know Putlocker. Hence the need of putting it in the best Putlocker alternatives list. The user interface and organization of this site is pretty simple and very much similar to Putlocker.

You are not required to log in to this site to stream movies here. Just like any other free movie streaming site, YesMovies too displays ads frequently but a few clicks will help you get rid of the ads. Apart from this, there is no other backlog that we could think of. You are good to go with YesMovies!

9) FreeFlix

FreeFlix, although sounds more as an alternative to Netflix, is another one of the best Putlocker alternatives out there. As the name hints itself, FreeFlix offers movies similar to the ones on Netflix. But, the former offers everything absolutely free of cost.

FreeFlix does not offer TV series yet however, it is soon expected to make some additions on the site. The movies here are from the recent decade but hopefully, we will get new ones too in no time. One can search for a movie with ease and then watch it through any one of the 3 servers available in the quality they choose depending on their internet connection. 

10) House Movie

House Movie is the perfect and minimal house of movies. The neat interface would generally contradict the fact that this is actually a huge database of movies. Movies movies movies categorized on the basis of year, name, etc.

You will find over 30 genres one can rely on to choose a good movie to watch. You also get a huge collection of TV shows. You are not required to log in or register in order to use this site. But, since House Movie is a host site, it offers links to movies to other sites, you might at times be asked to register on those third party sites.

11) Movie4U

Another great Putlocker alternative that offers free movies and TV series is Movie4u. The site does not make it mandatory for you to register or sign in or login in order to use it. One will find all types of video qualities right from CAM, DVDRip to 720p, 1080p, and so on. The site is well organized with numerous categories and genres like IMDb ratings, latest, Hindi Dubbed Movies, Regional, Popular, and so on. Thus, if you are ever confused about what to watch, you can always go to your favorite category and choose!

12) MovieTube

MovieTube, another great site to stream through for watching movies for free is MovieTube. You will find that the interface of this site is pretty similar to Putlocker in its simplicity. The site has been organized into a number of categories on the left-hand side right on the homepage below the search bar. It includes categories like – movies, TV series, Anime, Newly Added, HD 1080p, HD 720p, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Crime, Documentary, and so on. Thus, if you are not sure what you want to see you can always jump to the category you like and there’s a whole collection of those movies. Also, the movies and series available here are present in nearly 18 languages. So it does not matter which country you are from, there’s a lot of options in terms of language.

Legal Putlocker Alternatives

The above-mentioned sites were all best Putlocker alternatives with no doubt. However, all those sites are very much similar to Putlocker in having copyright issues and illegal and hence a little unsafe to use. So if you do not want to go through the wrong path, you can always rely on the safe and legal ways of entertainment like the ones mentioned below.

1) Netflix

The most legal and amazing means of entertainment that would be a perfect Putlocker alternative is Netflix indeed. Needless to say, the overall site, user interface, features, latest movies and amazing TV series only add up to the reasons list for spending a significant amount on this entertainment world.

Although the subscription amount might bug some of the users, but, if you are one of those who watch movies or series, for a large amount of time, Netflix would be the best option for you. Or else, the idea of sharing Netflix with family or friends is always a ready option.

2) Hotstar

Not as much popular across the globe, though Hotstar has a pretty wide collection of entertainment. This Star entertainment application is much popular in Asia and mostly in South Asian regions. It offers users a lot of stuff for free as well. You get to watch Star TV shows, Movies, Sports, News and a lot more. And with the premium version, you get many more benefits and certainly movies and shows to watch. A great legal and free way to entertain!

3) YouTube

The best Putlocker alternative that is Free and Legal would certainly be YouTube. Although Hotstar too comes into this category, YouTube is more spread across platforms. Not just movies and shows but you also get music, news, documentaries, vlogs, and so much of other stuff here.

Basically, YouTube gives people an endless free amount of entertainment.

You might be a little skeptical at first but let me tell you, you will find some amazing series as well as movies here for free.

No this doesn’t just end here, one can also rent or buy a movie on YouTube depending on its quality. And the newly added YouTube Premium version, you will get some really advanced features on YouTube.

How to Watch Putlocker With NordVPN?

Using these movie streaming sites with your primary IP address can be risky. Hence, it’s always recommended to use a premium VPN service like NordVPN while opening such streaming websites.

NordVPN gives you a new IP address so that your primary IP address remains hidden. It’s a good practice to keep your identity safe on the Internet.

Follow the steps mentioned below to access Putlocker with NordVPN:

  1. Step 1: Visit the official NordVPN website.
  2. Step 2: Click on the “Get it for $2.99/mo” button.
  3. Step 3: Select the appropriate plan according to your liking. NordVPN offers a complete 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like their services.
  4. Step 4: Next up, sign up for a free account and select your payment method. You can pay via credit card, debit card and cryptocurrency.
  5. Step 5: Once the payment is done, download the NordVPN client on your local computer.
  6. Step 6: Finally, log in to your account and start using the secure IP address.

Concluding Words:

These were the best alternatives of Putlocker. I hope that you have chosen the alternative that’s the most suitable for you. In case you have any queries or have any more Putlocker alternatives that you would like to share, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you.


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