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Project Free Tv, one of the best places to find free movies and Tv shows may not exist now, it vanished suddenly, but for movie lovers, this was the amazing application to watch new releases. However, you can find a number of alternatives to project free tv, but still, people are out there who thinks that the application is still available and just have changed its domain.

However, we don’t promote piracy here, but the internet is wide, and so does the number of websites. It is possible that you could not be able to find the website whom google have penalised and not letting them appear on the search results. But it is said that ‘ if there is will there is a way&rsquo, and it’s true.

The website has its presence on social media and other platforms, and if you follow them, then it’s certain that you will get to know the updates of the domain changes and when it gets shut down and for what reason. On Reddit, I have seen people saying that it is still live and all that on a new domain which is not known to all.


Why do Project Free TV shut down?

The website gained its popularity in just a small amount of time. You could have found all the latest releases and many other movies which were not legally licenced. This is the main reason behind the shutdown. If something is illegal, then a day comes when it has to close that, and the same happened with this website.

Due to its popularity, most of the people started using this platform as it was free. Netflix, Hulu and other subscription-based companies started losing their money, and they have to complain about these illegal online streaming websites. Finally, the cyber cells came to the action and banned these sites from the internet.

There are times when Google have to ban those websites which provide actionable information or services to others. They de-rank the websites, and therefore these websites start disappearing from the search results. For example, worldfree4u is one of the popular websites which used to provide illegal or pirated movies to download and watch. When you search for it is Google, you won’t find it in the search results, but the website is still active, and with just using some proxy servers you can find it and download whatever you like on the website. The same case is with Project free TV.

When a website changes its domain you may not find the new domain on the internet, but once the websites start getting backlinks from another website, you can see the new domains appearing again on the search results. So, you must follow the Facebook and Instagram pages of these websites to keep updated about the new and fresh domains.

What to do, when you find the website?

If you are able to find the website, then you can simply open it and start watching or downloading, but there are chances that you need protection. You can see a lot of pop up ads from which these websites earn and keep on providing the new and updated content so when you find it you must take care about some of the things.

For keeping your information and data safe you must enable the ads blocker extension and then open the website. This will prevent the website from taking your personal details from cookies and cache, and your connection will be safe. Sometimes, the sites are only banned for a particular country, in a situation like this, get a VPN and then search or open the website. Always keep your credit card and personal data safe and never provide them to any third party websites as they sell your data to someone.

Best Alternatives To Project Free TV

When we watch any series of some Tv shows, we want to watch full of it, and in case we come to know that we cannot access those website or App where we used to watch, the only thing we search about any alternative website where we can complete it.

It has happened several times with me and therefore I had done a lot of research on those websites. Finally, I got a lot of other websites that I will be sharing with you today. See all the alternatives to project Free Tv below.


The first one on my list is the popular streaming website CouchTuner. You will find a lot of genres and the user interface is also quite amazing. All the TV shows and movies and series are available on Full HD with 1080p. So, if you like to entertain yourself, then this can be your best alternative.

However, if you would dig deeper, you would also find some of the alternatives to CouchTuner, but none of them would have that vast content available.

C movies

As the name suggests, this website is best for all the movies either released in past or new, you will find everything here. The best option available on this website is that you can download almost each and every movie and other videos free of cost. It’s all depend on you what you like, either you can watch after downloading, and if you have a good internet connection, then you would be able to watch online.

The User Interface is nice, and you would see yourself once you visit here.


This application is quite famous among youngsters. All this is because of the user interface and quality of movies it offers. You don’t even need to register on the website, so your personal data remains safe. However, you can download whatever you need to watch.

But since you have to download this application, you need to be secured against any malware that you can get if you download it from another third party websites. There are chances that your system can get infected and so always download it from their official websites and be safe.

Go Movies

All the secret remains in the name. and here the name only suggesting to go and watch movies. The only thing you need is a fast and secured internet connection and disable ad blocker to access this website freely.

You must be thinking, why you need to disable the adblocker? This is because these websites have only one option to earn something, and all this through the ads. So, if you block the Ad, then how would the website earn and keep on running themselves without any money. Therefore, keep the ad blocker down to keep them doing the good work.

Sony Crackle

Are you a Hollywood movies fan? Do you want to watch all the Hollywood movies free of cost online? If yes, then this application can provide you with the best. Crackle provides a lot of action, horror, romance, crime, thriller movies free in HD quality. You also get an option to create your list so that you don’t have to bother for what to watch next.

There are a number of categories, and therefore you can watch whatever you want.


You must be thinking that what is this, the first was BMovies, then CMovies and now f movies. So, does it offers Hollywood movies or adult movies? The name is the only F, but all you get here is good categories and genres of Hollywood movies.

Just type the name and search it on Google now, you would get free HD Qualities videos to watch without even registering on the website. So, you are secure also and can watch your favourite movies without any cost.

Go Stream

Since, it is on my list then this website must be good enough to watch movies online. Yes, it is one of the online websites which offer more than you require. But since everything has some cons and there this has its own. The application allows you to watch movies and other videos but at the same time stops you from downloading.

This can be a good choice for the people who love to watch online videos rather than downloading. Remember to have a decent internet connection before streaming this website as it offers 1080p videos.


Don’t confuse with the name movie4u and worldfree4u, both are different platforms. The UI is best, and here you get an option to change the streaming quality, therefore, even if you have a little slow connection you can watch the movies without any interference and any buffer, you only need to downgrade the quality of the streaming.

I find this website really fast, and the moment I touch the play button, it starts streaming. I don’t have to wait for buffer anytime.


Popcornflix is one of the best alternatives to project free Tv and offers premium quality of movies, documentaries, Tv shows and lot more other videos. If you see according to the offerings provided by Netflix and Popcornflix, you will find both similar to each other with just a single one difference, i.e., Netflix is a subscription-based platform whereas Popcornflix is a free platform.

You can find a lot of genres such as Action, parody, dramatization, ghastliness, spine chiller, science fiction, puzzle, sentiment and Shout! Production line TV.


This is an alternative to project Free Tv but I really don’t like this website. They offer quite a lot of videos and movies but comes with a big drawback, i.e., you get a lot of flying ads from here and there and also highly irritating pop-ups.

Even though I don’t find it so amazing but still the website has got its own fan following and for them, it is a nice website. You can try it once if you are out of the choices.


I like a movie to watch because it’s clean and provides you only outside links to watch or stream videos. Therefore, the website has never been penalized by Google until now and running successfully. There is a decent chance of being penalized because it is sending you to other websites which get banned for pirated content.

However, let’s wait for that day and till then enjoy our favourite Tv shows and videos. The one more issue is the Ads that constantly keep popping in, but you can use an Adblocker for this.

AZ movies

Not like a massive part of the locales, you’d find hooked on online movie recorders, AZ Movies provides a superb interface as well as the HD records (1080p). The character of the records provided on AZ Movies creates the page hugely famous among the very well-known discussions including Reddit in which this website is often prescribed for movie spilling.

AZ Movies doesn’t possess some material all alone host. Or perhaps they rub additional locales and link out to articles on OpenLoad and many others that expect them to venture to any danger regarding thieving. Along these lines, if you’re scavenging for a Couch Tuner optional that has a huge accumulation of movies and TV Shows and additionally offers adequate grade, and AZ Movies is your point that your heart is searching for. This manner, spilling geeks, repair your safety belts and prepare for an astounding experience to the world filled with constant movies and TV Shows, also known as AZ Movies.

Vex Movies

However, I have put this website at the end of the list, but it is not the worst alternative, it is, on the other hand, one of the best alternatives to Project Free TV. I love this website. There were no ads and Pop-ups which make this website better than others where you can watch free movies and several other videos without paying a single penny.

There are more than 20,000 movies available on the website having different genres from which you can choose what you like. You don’t need to even register on this website.

Wrapping this Up

All the above Project Free TV alternatives discussed above are good to go sites but still I recommend you my favourite 3. Those are C movies, Vex movies, Voirfilm and F movies. Just visit once and try yourself, you would certainly love the user interface and contents available there.


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