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With the boom of usage of the Internet worldwide, the seeking and searching of information have taken the struggle curve down from the peak, pulling it through has gone easier than ever. No matter what the resource is, piracy continues to remain at a peak. From fetching online courses to full-fledged entertainment, it’s all free!

Sites like Downloadhub was a one-stop solution for all movie lovers, be it of any kind, it gave its freedom to download, stream all high-quality content for free. Because of high-quality content offering, it busted a lot of box-office collections, many filed complaints but Downloadhub continued to thrive at par. Later in the time, the U.S banned torrent usage, but curious humans continued to keep up with their needs.


What is Downloadhub? And What does it Offers?

Downloadhub is a one-stop solution for downloading movies of a hell lot of kinds, be it Hindi, Telugu, Hollywood, Web Series, or anything! Initially, it offered Hindi movies, but as the wheel of time spun, it has already united a lot of contributors to its network, where people entered to upload their works to keep the site growing and advance to more than ever.

One more well-known fact about Downloadhub is that it doesn’t use Google AdSense for making money. First, they strengthen up other networks to make money out of ads, so make sure you be patient about pop-ups and all. With its vast collection, luring the netizens continues to flourish at par. This site has a humungous network of lured guys to manage and keep bringing the kinds of stuff to its viewers.

What makes it stand out?

With more than millions of active users & contributors, it has brought a lot good shit to the reach, from movies of qualities of 480p, 720p, 1080p to multilingual audio, enabling the users to change the language to their preference, it’s not over there, it has 300MB movies which does a data saver job in bringing the high-quality content with little or significantly less effort.

How does the Website Operate?

With the hell lot of active users in the network, moderators out there administer on operating the sites from the concealed locations to continue checking the sites from the ban; this happens by changing existing domain names to new ones. With this process, offering high-quality content is easy-peasy just after the few hours of release.

What happened to Downloadhub?

Well, due to serious piracy issues it has been restricted in many countries, so if a user wants to open the site in a country where it’s banned, the user sees the blank page in front of him, but that’s not the case, if he tries putting some effort then he can easily hit into the site and continue enjoying the needs.

Pirated content: When a person uploads the works of content owners without their knowledge or permission, then that becomes the pirated content. And by the laws of India, doing so is an illegal offense, and the person does so will be penalized

Downloadhub and the Indian Government

Likewise, the other websites, Downloadhub is also banned in India, but with the more number of active users, people continue to take the endless benefits from the site. Downloadhub keeps on changing the domain names often to avoid the ban and keep bringing the leaked copy of the excellent quality content to its viewers. They keep on using the mirror links to thrive and stay alive.

Punishment imposed:

  1. Imprisonment for three years or so (depending upon the seriousness of offense).
  2. Fine up to Rs.10L.
  3. Three years imprisonment and a fine up to Rs.10L or both.

Here’s How you can access the Website

Being a pirated site, it’s inaccessible in the banned country, so to keep accessing follow the steps down below:


  1. Get an Android or IOS phone, with a VPN installed on it, Google for the best VPN available on the market.
  2. Now, after getting it installed and set-up, connect to the United States. Before heading to the official site, open and check for DNS leaks, if you see your ISP below then it’s sure that your device is leaking DNS requests, so be sure to fix that to avoid getting into trouble.
  3. If not, then you’re good to carry on with your kinds of stuff.

Desktop users:

  1. Depending on your OS you’re using, set-up your VPN by following the official guides of your VPN service provider.
  2. After that, getting finished up connect to the United States, go ahead with and see for DNS and webRTC leaks; if it seems suspicious, then fix it there before proceeding with the next step.
  3. If not, then you’re good to go for your whole lot of good stuff.

How to Download your Movies from the Site?

Now, it’s time to freshen up your mind. It’s time to dig into the real stuff and stop being theoretical. Before heading to download your good shit, you have to know that downloading the movie from a pirated site is illegal, and in case if you get caught somehow, the penalty would be in your account and depending on the seriousness of the offense, you’ll be charged accordingly.

So, I would recommend you to get your tickets booked and watch it legally with more thrill on the big screen. Or you can subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. But if you still want to go for Downloadhub, refer the guide down below.

Following steps will walk you through to download movies from Downloadhub:

  1. After you set-up, your device with a VPN, go to the official site. You’ll see some movies out there on the homepage, go with that if that suits you.
  2. Else, hit on the search bar to fetch your needs. Type in the name of your movie, and hit search to let the bots crawl the web for you.
  3. If you are in the mobile, then you’ll get to see the pop-ups after you click search or download, as this is their only source of income you’ve to resist it, at max you’ll get five pop-ups ads but if you’re in the computer, don’t worry just use some ad-blocker extensions to help yourself.
  4. Next up, you’ll then get to see your movie thumbnail, just hit on it, and you’re good to go. The download will start automatically, but if you’re on your desktop, then be sure to use IDM to boost the process and enjoy it soon with fewer waits. As these are the torrent sites, they also allow streaming the movies online on your phone.
  5. So, this was all included in the downloading process to make the learning curve more manageable and smoother.

How to download Downloadhub App?

Okay, feeling uncomfortable with browsing your needs, Downloadhub takes care of their users, an app has been developed to make things work like a charm and keep you all caught up with all good shit coming daily. With a lot of ads and pop-ups, things can go worse, ending up in a blank pot-hole. The app is separated from all crappy things to help the audience get on straight to their kind of content for the link google and voila.

Information concerning app:

  • File Size: 3.09MB
  • Version: v3.0
  • Requirement: Android 4.0 or above
  • Languages Supported: English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam
  • Last Updated: 15.02.2017
  • License: Free

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Traffic Report of Downloadhub?

Being a viral website for its infamous works, according to, “more than 2M people visited in one month from different countries, more than 15K web pages of this domain are indexed in Google. And in this pandemic, it has become a visit to every people out there in the world.

Is Using Downloadhub is legal?

Of course not, it is an illegal site that brings the leaked contents on the web for free, and if anyone gets caught during the infringement process, that guy will be held responsible for the damages done to the property. The owner can file a complaint against the accused to protect his/her rights. In India, for infringement of the property, a person would be charged from Rs.50K to Rs.2L under the imposed laws.

How do Downloadhub works?

Due to its large number of visitors, the user gets to face ads and pop-ups, when they click ads the Website earns money from that pay, this method is called pay per click. These ads are sponsored by several companies to advertise their products. This is how it’s still working to serve its customers.


We don’t support piracy in any form. This content all boils down to torrenting safety. The users using it should know about the lawsuits faced by it, and watching the content from those websites is totally against the law and is an approach to theft. One may consider watching movies by buying a subscription from Netflix, etc., and we don’t recommend using those sites for personal leisure for any kind of entertainment or so.



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