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Tamildhool has become one of the most popular websites to get content of the Tamil film and TV industry. Tamil is a universal language and is spoken in many countries, including India. The Tamil language entertainment industry, also called Tollywood, is based in Chennai and produces all of the Tamil language shows and movies. Tamil is very similar to other south Indian languages like Malayalam and Telugu. Because of that, Tamil content is also consumed amongst many Malayalam and Telugu speaking audiences around the world.

One more reason for such high consumption of Tamil content is because most of the south Indian viewers do not understand Hindi or other north Indian regional languages. So they are restricted to Tamil and other regional content. Tamildhool was set up to cater precisely to this audience. It would not be wrong to call it a one-stop-shop to access all the Tamil language content for free. Everything from Tamil movies and TV shows to gossip about Tamil industry stars to every Tamil Big Boss episode are available at a single click on Tamildhool.


What does Tamildhool Offer?

Streaming of all the popular TV channel shows to streaming videos related to gossip and news about famous stars, and everything is available under one roof on Tamildhool. The website is intuitive and can be used even by someone new to the internet. The homepage contains all the popular or trending shows and videos, and mostly wherever is required can be found on the homepage itself. If not, then the search option can always be used to search and view any content you need. Other than that, the website also sorts all the content into easily identifiable categories, which makes content discovery easy.

Content is also divided based on the TV channels they are broadcasted on like Sun TV, Vijay TV, Zee Tamil, Colors Tamil, Tamil tv, etc. All the content is arranged in descending order, with the latest content being first in the order. All these features make the website easy to use. The content discovery is excellent, and the videos we are looking for can be found easily. The amount of Tamil content available can easily rival any of the popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, and many other Indian OTT platforms. The ease of use of Tamildhool can also rival these services quickly. These are the reasons behind the massive popularity of the website amongst the south Indian and Tamil speaking audience all around the world.

Guide on How to Get the Tamildhool App

In a recent survey by one of the biggest streaming websites in the world, Netflix, it was discovered that most of the Indians prefer streaming content on their mobile devices and not on desktops. But using the website to stream content on mobile devices is cumbersome and is not always a smooth experience. Because of that, it makes logical sense to have an Android app for streaming content from Tamildhool. The app was launched a few years ago, but since all the content available on the website can not be called legal, it is not possible to host the app on google play store or Apple app store. In this article, we will show how to download and install (sideload) the app on your mobile devices.

  • Sideloading the app on Android is possible, but it can not be done on an Apple device without jailbreaking the phone, which is not recommended.
  • On Android devices, first of all, go to settings and turn on the ability to install unknown apps. The location of the settings option depends on the custom UI of the device you are using, but usually, it can be found by a simple search in the settings menu.
  • On stock Android devices, the option is usually available under “Apps and Notification Management” in the settings menu. Avoid this step if the required permissions are already given.
  • Now go to the website
  • In the search bar on the homepage of the website, type “Tamildhool” and click search.
  • Now, from the results, select the Tamildhool app option.
  • Alternatively, type “Tamildhool APK shelf” in the google search and click on the first result.
  • On the app description page, click on the “Download APK” button.
  • You will be redirected to a download processor page, which will automatically start the download within 10 secs, if not click on the “click here to download” button to start the download manually.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded, click on the downloaded file to install it. Some manufacturers these days come with an in-built virus scanner, which will automatically scan the app for viruses.
  • Once all these steps are done, the app is ready to use, and all the content from Tamildhool can be easily streamed on the app.

The app is also easy to use, and any content can be searched without any hassle on the app. The app also has shows sorted into various categories based on the channel they are broadcasted on, which makes it easier to find the shows we are looking for.


Tamildhool has become one of the most popular websites if someone wants to access content in the Tamil language. Everything under the sun related to the Tamil entertainment industry, from TV shows and movies to gossip about those TV shows and movies, are available on the website. Everything is arranged neatly, and it is straightforward to discover content or to find what we are looking for. Content can also be searched or viewed according to the broadcasting network. Most of the famous broadcast channels like Zee, Colors, Tamil TV, Star, etc. are available on the website, and almost all of the shows from these channels can be viewed on the website.

Most of the popular shows like Tamil’s big boss can be easily streamed on the website. But for mobile users, streaming content on the website does not provide a smooth experience. For this purpose, the Tamildhool app was launched, but because of the copyright infringement policy of google play store, it can not be published. After following the steps mentioned in the article, the app can be downloaded on any android device, and content from Tamildhool can be streamed in a hassle-free manner.



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