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Online streaming of movies and tv shows is increasingly gaining popularity in recent years and all thanks to the then-popular TV channels, which have made their contents obsolete and cliché. In the wake of that, several streaming platforms have evolved and gained popularity like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. and all of them have a ton of latest content available on a minimal subscription charge. But in contrary to them there have risen a few websites also which have pirated content and make available even the latest of the movies and TV Shows on their website outrightly. In this article, we will compare one such website named DownloadHub, which has gained quite a popularity in the recent days and, the most popular streaming platform Putlocker in DownloadHub vs. Putlocker head to head.


About Putlocker:

Launched in 2011, Putlocker was one of the best and the largest website containing movies, tv serials, documentaries, etc. Putlocker had over 800000 visitors per day in its starting time, and when Megaupload was shut down by a legal order, this count reached over 1.5 million visitors per day. This is enough to tell you how popular and successful Putlocker has been. Undoubtedly, Putlocker is known for its vast library, which included all the latest movies, Tv-Shows, Documentaries, etc. Everything you named Putlocker has got it in its library. Not only that, but Putlocker also has multiple mirror links for the contents, which means that you are less likely to be disappointed by dead or broken links or the problem of contents not playing.

The best thing about Putlocker is its library, which is updated regularly and the quality of the contents, which is mostly full HD. But the brutal truth with Putlocker is that it hosts the contents illegally on its website, which is piracy. It is because of piracy that the authorities have blocked the original website of Putlocker. The problem that persists Putlocker now is that many of the proxy websites have come up, and most of them are fake, and they are the means of spreading adware. In this article, along with doing Downloadhub vs. Putlocker, we will also tell you how to recognize a fake proxy link of Putlocker.

If you search for the proxy links of Putlocker, you will come across many lists that will have multiple proxy links to the website. The layout of all the proxy links will be the same, so it is difficult to tell whether it is fake just by looking at the website. The fake proxy links of Putlocker will mislead you by –

  • They are asking you to sign-up as soon as you click on the play button.
  • They are redirecting you to full-screen advertisements.
  • Redirecting you to the website of some software and will ask you to download, which most probably will be malware.
  • They are forcing you to enable browser notifications so that they can show you useless ads and can infect your system with adware.
  • They are asking you to use your credit card for age verification or to buy a subscription.

However, there is a genuine replica of the original Putlocker website being run by many volunteers, and they access the content from the main website. By using these websites, you can access the original Putlocker Website. It is also advisable to use a VPN Software and an adblocker while using the website. They will maintain your privacy as well as will keep the annoying popups at bay.


  1. It is the largest streaming platform for the latest movies, TV shows, and documentaries.
  2. Its website has a layout that can be easily accessed through both desktop and smartphone.
  3. It has a massive library of contents, be it movies, tv shows, documentaries, or any restricted content.
  4. The library of the Putlocker is well updated and features all of the latest content you might look for.
  5. Putlocker does a lot of ads, but on the original website, they are less in comparison to the other similar platforms.
  6. Putlocker is free to use and does not require any kind of sign up or credit card verification.
  7. The website features a comprehensive search option using which you can easily find your desired content from Putlocker’s massive library.


  1. The only problem with Putlocker is that it contains pirated contents for which it does not has the license to put them on its website. And as piracy is illegal, it might cause trouble for you on some unlucky day.
  2. Another major issue is the fake proxy links that try to mislead you in several ways.
  3. Most of the proxy links of Putlocker have numerous popup ads that are very annoying and can breach your privacy if you do not take care of them properly.

About DownloadHub:

Now before we proceed towards DownloadHub vs. Putlocker, let us take a closer look at DownloadHub. DownloadHub is also a website similar to Putlocker, which provides Hollywood and Bollywood movies with dual audio, tv shows, and other content to stream and download. DownloadHub mainly focuses on Bollywood movies and Dubbed Hollywood movies and makes them available in smaller and easy to download size. It is more focused on the Indian market and enables people to download a movie even on a slower internet connection. It does so by uploading movies mostly is 300MB, which is a significantly smaller size in comparison to a full HD movie. Nowadays, it is the biggest piracy website that offers the newest of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and dubs Hollywood movies as well.

DownloadHub is gaining popularity these days due to the easy availability of the latest movies or tv series on their website, which they make available in hardly two to three days of their release. This is because they do not follow any legal code of conduct to bring the contents on their channel, and they simply do it by pirating the contents. Just like the Putlocker, the contents hosted on Downloadhub are also pirated.


  1. DownloadHub is free to use.
  2. The catalog of DownloadHub is more focused on the Indian region.
  3. The new contents are available outrightly on the website.
  4. DownloadHub brings the dubbed Hollywood movies as well, along with the Bollywood and regional movies.
  5. Along with the option of 300MB movies, it has also got movies in HD format.
  6. We can choose the quality of the content, depending on our device and internet speed.
  7. Downloading movies is much easier due to the smaller file size.
  8. DownloadHub can be used through its website as well as the app.
  9. Contents can be independently downloaded, unlike saving it for offline watching.


  1. It is a website that does piracy, which is an illegal activity.
  2. As the contents are made available outrightly, the video quality might not be sufficient. It takes time to make HD versions available.
  3. It comes with a lot of ads, which can be frustrating sometimes.
  4. Being illegal, it keeps getting blocked, so one needs to use a proxy server address to access the contents. It is not a very user-friendly technique for an average user.
  5. By using it, you also get yourself involved in illegal activity, which can attract punishments.

DownloadHub vs. Putlocker:

Now we are very much familiar with both Putlocker as well as DownloadHub. We have seen that both of them have different pros and Cons in their separate ways. Now let’s compare them head to head to see the similarity and the differences between them-



It contains pirated content.

It contains pirated content.

The catalog is massive and features everything from Hollywood to Bollywood and other regional contents as well.

Focus is mostly on Bollywood, but features dubbed Hollywood movies as well.

The library is updated regularly, and newer contents are available.

Contents are outrightly available.

Entirely free for use. No sign-up required.

Free to use, does not require any subscription.

The original website contains lesser advertisements.

It comes packed with advertisements.

The layout of the website is very friendly and easy to use on the PC as well as on the smartphone.

It has an android app, so it becomes much easier to be used on smartphones.

From DownloadHub vs. Putlocker, we can see that both of them have some advantages over the other. But the bitter fact is that both of them are illegal sources to stream upon. Both of them have been blocked several times and are facing the problem of fake and misleading proxy links. Using these websites can be risky as you can easily end up infecting your system with malware or adware or by providing your credit card access to the fake proxy websites. Not only that, but you can also land yourself in legal trouble if you have a bad day that can cost you way more than a simple subscription of a legal streaming platform.



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