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Project Free TV is the most infamous and famous online video streaming website that allows viewers to watch their favorite shows, movies, and TV shows online or watch TV later. In other words, Project Free TV is a website that connects to thousands of other websites, which hosts copies of popular TV serials, which enable users to watch it online for free, and it also provides TV scheduling data.

Project Free TV is one of the oldest streaming websites of its kind, but in today’s era, there are a large number of websites offering similar features. Users must log in to the website and search for the TV program and a particular serial they want to watch, and then move to another website that manages the video file and is web-based—streamed into the video player.


What is wrong with it?

While many people take advantage of the free registration provided by PFTV, filmmakers are not happy because they are illegally copying someone else’s content, which is entirely outside the scope of copyright and is contrary to the rules.

This is the main reason why access to this site is restricted to many countries around the world on 24 July 2015, which was banned in the UK in 2013. At this time, when the internet connection is slow and fast, streaming and downloading movies becomes a lot of fun, especially when it comes to free, this project is provided by free TV.

The secret site was not banned in the beginning. Streaming protected by copyrighted content can be seen as a simple offense, but going too far to download copyrighted material can be very cumbersome and numb. Their departure has left a group of customers panicked and saddened, especially since there is no prior notice of the closure. Is this a short-term lapse, or did they ever disappear? The answer is no.

As with other previously banned free streaming sites, ISP suppliers aim to ban them altogether, but these sites will always find a way to go back online, and the same goes for free TV. But when the site reappeared unexpectedly in 2018, PFTV fans are out of bounds, this time on other hostnames. However, it is banned in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and some other countries. However, anyone using a proxy or VPN service can access this site from a limited number of countries.

Why the domain-name change?

The research reveals Project Free TV. Us site was permitted on one but no one online seems to know why the previous site of Project-Free TV is not functioning. Further, Reddit users have now been discussing alternatives that may, however, permit them free of cost online to stream information. Contrary sites such as Time and Sailing Bay, Project Free TV do not keep a website informing users of upgrades or downtimes.

Though different numerous other sites are hosting or joining to unauthorized information, Project Free TV maintains a full page about the ELECTRONIC MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT and just how they are capable of managing with any difficulty. The website asserts that any data provided to its machines by customers and that it’s merely a web-based company. Project Free TV offers that it offers separate suggestions on the most effective manner to publish (DMCA) downing demands and needs trademark violation considerably.

Characteristics of Project Free TV

  • It provides many several kinds of schemes that are currently at the disposal here, with prolonged characteristics films to TV and web series.
  • The interconnection of this website is easy to use, with a visually positioned research place, and various groups.
  • The signs of the movies and the shows are enormous and apparent, and additional displays the required details. When you coiled your pointer during these icons in its search engine page, the quote, categorizations, etc., get on the screen.
  • You can select as per the types of the text, highlighted, highest-rated, similar other choices.
  • You will receive several other connections from where you can see streamflow of movies or shows.

Some More Info About Project Free TV

Regardless of what you are finding, having some kinds create the procedure simple. In Project Free TV, the categorization is mostly provided using group adjustments and different choices such as TV serials and Movies. In addition to this, several considerations such as years that they were published in, their protestor’s rankings, etc. are easily accessible. Despite that, while talking about the kind of movies provided on the website, we talk about the kind which is mostly provided. Only this kind of categorization creates the gathering look well, whereas you can select your movies faster. Undoubtedly, the website provides you a variety of several shows as the following types:

  • War – In this category, you can see the Great War movies on this site, such as inglorious basterds, Gallipoli, Dunkirk, and many more.
  • Thriller – In this classification, you can watch the movies that accomplish you agitated with apprehension such as freshwater, goldstone, hacker, etc.
  • Science fiction – for most of the people, this astonishing type refreshers everyone. Some movies are dream machines, ghostbusters, time-lapse, etc.
  • Romance: movies such as love in the vineyard, compulsion, big stone gap, etc. You will enjoy these movies with a particular person in your life.
  • Drama – Approach to dramatic side with shows such as Rick and Morty, fangasm, face-off, etc.
  • Horror – movies such as I am not a serial killer, Gantz O, holidays, etc.
  • Family – if you want to enjoy your precious time with your family members, watching movies and shows that all of you would enjoy together. Such as perpetual grace LTD, Victoria, the amazing race, etc.
  • Animation – if you want to look back to your childhood and gratify the adolescent too with movies such as despicable me, kung-fu panda, etc.
  • Action – in this type of category, you can get your excellent series of adorning with schedules like charlie’s angles bumblebee, etc.
  • Comedy – TV serials and movies that make you cheerful and laughed loud is the most excellent way to consume time. This will help you to watch movies such as The Good Place, Katy Keene, Brooklyn nine-nine.
  • Crime – movies like watchmen, Stargirl, killing eve, etc.

You can also have options such as adventure, mystery, fantasy.

Alternatives to Project Free TV

5 Movies

5 Movies are one of the sites like project free TV. This website has an enormous compilation of the highest-rated episodes, movies, shows in excellent HD quality. You can watch movies, shows free of cost. You also find many kinds of pop-ups on the screen, but you just have to use an ad blocker.

B Movies

On this site, you can watch your most-recent TV shows online. You can also investigate the list of movies to view them. As with other project free TV options, it is not a TV series streaming site but provides you the highest-rated and famous movies online. This website enables you to download movies and TV shows to watch later. And when you click on the TV shows you want to watch, it will bring you down to the page which provides you the further details like title, epitome, ranking, kind, actors, the period, networks, directors, etc. Now, you have to click on the play button, and it would start streaming the most recent episode of free TV shows. It does not require you to signing up, by which you can enjoy the TV shows without disclosing your person-related data.

Share TV

Share TV is an excellent Project Free TV option for watching your preferred movies and TV shows. Even though the UI of this website is not too good, but it has an enormous gathering of Movies and TV shows which you can watch. It has the most significant collections of the most recent as well as old-time classic tv shows.


If you are interested in watching a Video Content Streaming page that provides you excellent streaming grade, then Flixter is the best option available to you. This website is similar to Netflix. Several pages offer you free video content.

Popcorn Flix

This is another splendid choice to Project Free TV. The better option about this site is, as and when the show is published, you will get a print of it on this site. The grade perhaps not too good, but for the person who does not need to wait for the better print, this site would be flawless for them. This site will not require you to register an account before use.

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is one of the preferred websites, like Project Free TV. You shall not be subject to its name, as it not only has cartoons while you will able to find each and everything. It has enormous and top-quality satisfaction, which makes this website the preferable site.

Final Words

As we all know, the internet is quite igneous and also a dangerous place. You summon up with every single tool for self-protection. You have just to maintain your web browser updated, installation of an ad blocker, and ignore pop-ups to play safe.



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