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If you want to watch the latest Hollywood movies online or stream your favorite TV Show, then Project Free TV is one of the best options for you. It is a popular online streaming platform for movies, tv-series, and documentaries. Project Free TV is free to use, and features over thousands of movies and your favorite TV shows to watch from.

Project Free TV has a super clean and easy to use home page featuring all the latest additions. It also provides various search options using which you can directly search for your favorite movie or a tv show. But like every other website of this category, Project Free TV also has the same downside, and that is of featuring pirated content.

However, if you do not worry much about accessing websites containing pirated content, then Project Free TV might come very handy for you, although we never recommend you to watch pirated content. In this article, we will tell you how to watch movies on Project Free TV so that you can binge upon your favorite movie. Before we check out how to watch movies on Project Free TV, let’s check out some of its features.

Features of Project Free TV:

  1. Movies and TV Shows are available in HD format; however, you cannot reduce or increase the quality while playing the media.
  2. Project Free Tv is entirely free to use and does not require any account registration.
  3. The website layout is plain and simple to use.
  4. The videos can be played even when the adblocker is on. Adblocker is a must-have thing if you are considering to use Project Free TV as there are hoards of ads and Pop-ups.
  5. Videos can be downloaded merely using any downloader.

How to watch movies on Project Free TV-

So far, we have discussed the features of Project Free TV, and it seems tempting, isn’t it? We are sure that you must be thinking about How to watch movies on Project Free TV. Nothing to worry about as we have come up with the solution also. In this section, we will tell you how to watch movies on Project Free TV? But before that, it is our responsibility to remind you that Project Free TV contains pirated content, and you must be aware of the fact that piracy is illegal. Therefore, we never suggest you watch pirated content because this promotes piracy. Now let’s move forward and check out how to watch movies on Project Free TV.

To watch a movie on Project Free TV, we recommend two things to keep in mind. The first one is a VPN software, and the second one is an adblocker. We will explain that why this two software is needed and will also take you to a step by step guide on how to choose, download, install and use this software to watch movies on Project Free TV.

Using VPN software, you can protect yourself and your data online, accessing apps and websites privately and securely. It also masks your IP address, so your original IP address and location is not visible to anyone. There are several VPN software available as well as Chrome web store also has VPN extensions. The standalone software comes with faster servers and multiple features as well; however, most of them are paid ones, but if you want to try them for a shorter period, you can download a free trial as most of them provide a free trial for some days. The Chrome extensions are mostly free and also do the job, but their servers usually are not as fast, and also, they are less secure.

The second important thing is an ad blocker. An ad blocker is a software that blocks the annoying ads and pop-ups of a website. Adblocker is very much a necessary component if you want to watch movies on Project Free TV as the website is full of ads and pop-ups. These ads and pop-ups always pose a threat to your PC, and they can infect your browser or your system with ad wares or malware even on a single undesired click. If you buy a VPN software, then most of them come with an inbuilt adblocker; otherwise, you can download an adblocker extension for chrome from the chrome webstore. The chrome extensions are also efficient options.

Let’s see how to download and install VPN and Adblocker and How to watch movies on Project Free TV using them-

How to watch movies on Project Free TV by using VPN Software?

Steps to download and install a VPN software:

Step 1 – First of all, choose a VPN software, and depending upon your choice to go for the purchase or a free trial, download the setup.

Step 2 – Once the setup is downloaded, install the software on your PC using the instructions and make sure to read the license agreement carefully if you do not want to install any additional software that comes with it.

Step 3- Once the software has been installed, configure it carefully, choose the fastest server that is available for you.

Steps to download a VPN extension from chrome web store-

Step 1 – Open google chrome browser.

Step 2 – Copy paste the given link in the search bar or click on the link –

Step 3 – In the website search for a VPN. Choose the one you like based on ratings and click on add to chrome.

Step 4 – You will find the icon of the VPN in the top right corner of chrome. Click on it and turn it on. If you have the paid version, then you can select any of the premium servers; otherwise, in the free version, you will have a limited option of available server.

How to download Adblocker from Chrome Webstore-

Step 1 – Open google chrome browser.

Step 2 – Copy paste the given link in the search bar or click on the link –

Step 3 – In the website search for an adblocker. Choose the one you like based on ratings and click on add to chrome.

Step 4 – Check if the extension is activated if not turn it on. You will find the icon in the top right corner of chrome.

Let’s start watching movies on Project Free TV-

Once you have this software or extensions downloaded, installed and activated, you are all set to go. Now let’s see how to watch movies on Project Free TV-

Step 1 – Open google chrome and search for Project Free TV.

Step 2 – Search results will give you several links. Now it is a hit and trial process. You will have to try opening some of the links and see which one is working for you.

Step 3- Once you find an active link, then you have done it. Simply search for the movie you want to watch and click on the play button. Your movie will start to play, and you can binge upon it.

How to watch movies on Project Free TV if it is blocked in your region?

It might happen that the link of Project Free TV you will try to open will be banned in your region or the country. This happens because of the pirated content on the website. Government agencies keep blocking these links to stop piracy, which is an excellent move. However, if you still want to watch the contents on Project Free TV, then you will have to make use of your VPN Software.

In your VPN software or the VPN, the extension tries to change the current region with a different region. This might work for you and unblock the website. It will be easier if you have got the paid version because they have many high-speed servers available. If you are using a free version, then your options might be limited as well as you will not get the high speed from every server. But this is how you can unblock Project Free TV if it has been blocked in your region.

In this article, we saw how to watch movies on Project Free TV. However, you must keep in mind the apparent risks associated with these websites. The very first one is that the contents on the website are pirated, and piracy is illegal, so if you use the website, you are also taking part in illegal activity by promoting it.

On a bad day, it may cost you also. Secondly, the website is full of pop-ups and ads that posses threats like infecting your system or the web browser with adware, or you can get trapped by phishing. So, to keep yourself and your device safe, you must use only legit websites and apps, though there are subscription charges associated with them, but that is for your benefit.



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