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If you are an avid streamer of movies and TV shows, then you must be aware of the website Project Free TV and could have also binged upon some of your favorite movies on it. But if you are not aware of Project Free TV, then let us tell you that Project Free TV is a trending website that allows you to stream all of the latest movies, dramas, documentaries, and the TV shows as well. Project Free TV has emerged as one of the biggest streaming platforms, which is free to use, which means that you do not have to pay for any kind of subscription, and you do not even need to register and make any kind of account. Just open the website, search for the content you want to watch, and play it directly.

But let us remind you that Project Free TV is not a legal website as it contains the pirated contents, which means that it does not have the legal rights to allow streaming of these contents on its website. Still, if you want to access the website, you can do it for sure, but make sure to use VPNs and adblockers to ensure your privacy and safety. In recent time there has been a lot of complaints regarding Project Free TV and people are curious about Why Project Free TV is not working. In this article, we will tell you what might be the reasons for that and Why Project Free TV is not Working.


Features of Project Free TV:

Before jumping right to why Project Free TV is not working, let us see some of the cool features of the website. This will certainly help people who are not aware of this streaming platform –

  1. The most exciting part is that Project Free TV is completely free. You do not require to do any kind of registration or age verification by giving your credit card details.
  2. Project Free TV has one of the largest content archives. You will get the content you are looking for almost every single time.
  3. Project Free TV itself is ad-free. Though the video players they refer to contain ads still they are lesser in numbers.
  4. The contents on Project Free TV are regularly updated, so you will find all the latest content on the website.
  5. The website of Project Free TV is super easy to use and is adaptive so you can access it through your smartphone as well.

So far, we have seen the features of Project Free TV now it is the time to proceed towards the question of the day. That is why Project Free TV is not working?

Why is Project Free TV not working?

Recently many people are complaining about Project Free TV not working. This might occur due to various reasons such as the website getting blocked in your region, misleading proxy websites containing only pop-ups and ad-ware making space in the search list and pop-ups and advertisements not allowing the videos to play correctly on the original Project Free TV website as well as on its genuine proxy links.

The last problem has been addressed even by Project Free TV itself in which they have given the solution. We will look into these different problems one by one and see how they are affecting Project Free TV and why Project Free TV is not working.

1. Unable to play videos on Project Free TV –

Okay, so let’s consider that you have landed upon the simple Project Free TV website, and you are not able to play the videos. Well, this is the most common issue people are facing and wondering why Project Free TV is not working. Regarding this Project Free TV has provided instructions for playing the videos on its website so that you can enjoy streaming your favorite movies. This not any kind of technical problem or restriction of any kind. You just have to follow the steps given below to start streaming the videos again –

  1. Open the website of Project Free TV and search for your movie or whatever content you like to watch.
  2. Now click on the big play button located in the middle of the page, which will make the movie thumbnail disappear, and you will see the player.
  3. This is the HD player; you have to click the play button again in the middle.
  4. Now here is the catch, you have to watch a short video advertisement that will NOT start automatically. Press play and wait for the 5 seconds ad to run.
  5. After 5 seconds, you can see the Skip AD button on the bottom right side of the player. Click on the Skip Ad button, and you can start watching the video. There will be no interruptions further.

2. Website of Project Free TV is blocked:

The first and foremost reason, as you all know, is that movies and the TV Shows streaming on websites like Project Free TV are pirated; it means that Project Free TV has no right to publish these contents on its website. To check piracy, several laws have been made by governments all over the world. Being a website, which is featuring and spreading pirated content, the government agencies keep blocking Project Free TV in their region. Therefore, this is the most potential reason why Project Free TV is not working.

You must keep in mind that piracy is illegal and Internationally, the laws for punishing piracy in are becoming more and more stringent and punitive therefore it is our advice that you should not engage yourself in something which helps in promoting and spreading 2,

Still, want to Access Project Free TV?

If Project Free TV is blocked in your region and you still want to access it, then there is an easy solution to that. All you need is a VPN software, and you are all set. Just follow the simple steps given below –

Step 1 – First of all, choose a VPN software, and depending upon your choice to go for the purchase or a free trial, download the setup.

Step 2 – Once the setup is downloaded, install the software on your PC using the instructions and make sure to read the license agreement carefully if you do not want to install any additional software that comes with it.

Step 3- Once the software has been installed, configure it carefully, choose the fastest server that is available for you.

If you do not want to go for standalone software, you can install a natural chrome extension as well which will do the job for you and this-

Step 1 – Open google chrome browser.

Step 2 – Copy paste the given link in the search bar or click on the link -

Step 3 – In the website search for a VPN. Choose the one you like based on ratings and click on add to chrome.

Step 4 – You will find the icon of the VPN in the top right corner of chrome. Click on it and turn it on. If you have the paid version, then you can select any of the premium servers; otherwise, in the free version, you will have a limited option of available server.

Once your VPN is set up, you can activate it and try opening the website of Project Free TV. In case it is still blocked, then try changing the server region in your VPN Software or the extension.

3. The problem of misleading Proxy Websites –

There is a high chance that the proxy link through which you are trying to access Project Free TV is not the genuine proxy link, and you can end up thinking why Project Free TV is not working. Nowadays, the problem of misleading websites is increasing day by day.

These fake websites look precisely similar to the original websites, but they are full of pop-ups, advertisements, and ad-ware. Your one wrong click can infect your web browser, or you can fall in the trap of phishing. However, it is easy to identify these fake links and stay away for them as these links will force you to –

  • Sign up on Project Free TV as soon as you click on the play button. The original website of Project Free TV does not require any kind of sign up process.
  • Give your credit card details for some kind of subscriptions or age verification.
  • Enable browser notifications so that they can show their annoying ads.
  • Download and install any third-party software about which you know nothing and will most probably be a malware or a backdoor to your PC.

The original website of Project Free TV is ad-free, but the video players contain ads, but they too are not like the ones mentioned above. This sums up the reasons why Project Free TV is not working and how you can still access it and stream videos. However, you must keep in mind the issues related to piracy and support the government in curbing the growth of it.



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