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Everybody likes entertainment, and amid this lockdown, the movies and web series are proving this point very accurately and have become the central portion of most people’s daily routine.

This period has seen the release of various binge-worthy web shows and incredible movies, but they can only be enjoyed by a potion of viewers. This is because there lies the hindrance of payment. For viewing these contents on OTT platforms, one needs to make accounts and accordingly make payments. For this reason, many are denied fresh and useful content.

To remove this hindrance and provide these contents to many people who can not afford to make payments, Movierulz has come out to be a great option.


What is Movierulz

Movierulz is a torrent website that provides users with content from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and other languages for downloading and streaming online, both for free. These shows and movies are otherwise can only be seen on theatres and paid OTT platforms.

The website covers contents of various languages like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, English, and other languages. The movies in Movierulz are available in theatre versions or HD. The web shows are readily available on the site, and the viewer is allowed to adjust the download or stream quality.

Movierulzprovides users with all the latest movies and web series spread over various languages and genres and countries.

The website has gained immense popularity, and the same is the reason for it being blocked by the Government of India. But it has still managed to elude these restrictions by continually changing its domain extensions.

But is it possible to open Movierulz without any paid VPNs? And if yes. How?

How to Open Movierulz Without VPNs?

Movierulz, because of being blocked by the Government of India, cannot be opened usually as it used to before. One cannot simply enter its URL in the chrome search box and open its website as he was supposed to do it earlier.

 But with some tricks, we can open the Movierulzwebsite.

Adding ‘Cache’

1st method to open Movierulz is by simply adding the word ‘cache’ before the URL of Movierulz.

Only the word cache is to add with ‘:’ colon sign and not the apostrophe sign.

This method can only be used to open the website, but it will not support the activities of downloading and streaming.

Wayback Machine


One more method to open the Movierulzwebsite is by using the Wayback Machine.

For this, we need to open the website of the Wayback machine and then copy the URL of Movierulz’s website.

After this, we need to click in the Browse historybutton, and then it shows the results in a chronological table. We can select the desired year and then the desired months and eventually the desired day of that month to open the website as it was on that particular day.

This an effective way to open blocked websites. But like the previous measure we can only open the website and not get access to download and streaming options which makes it useless.

So far, we have seen methods to open Movierulz,but none of them are useful as they are unable to open the website so that it can serve its purpose. There are also various methods to open the Movierulz,which are seemingly more effective.

Free VPNs

This is, by far, the most effective method. Users can take help/use free VPNs, which can open the blocked websites and enable the users with all the contents Movierulzhas to offer. There are various free VPNs available in Playstore and also on the web. As they are free, no fees are charged, and viewers enjoy their favorite movies and show free of costs.

Some free VPNs are Turbo VPN, Touch VPN, Opera VPN, etc. Some web browser offers free VPN services. Viewers can also use VPNs of these web browsers. Using these VPNs, the viewer will never feel that the website is blocked and will not face any difficulties regarding the same. We can select the location of the VPN set up or just let it set up automatically.

Alternative sites

Movierulz has made available its site to the users by changing its domain extension(as mentioned earlier).

Using this site does not require any VPN connection or other manipulations and tricks and can be accessed simply by a user and he can enjoy the movies and shows of his choice without any complications.

Both downloads and streaming are possible. And above all, it is free.

There is one more method to access Movierulz.

Telegram channel

Movierulz has become quite popular now, and over time it’s the community has also grown and has found a new way to keep the purpose of Movierulzwhich is to cater movies and shows of different languages and countries to its viewers for free and to provide them with instant released movies and shows.

Their Telegram channel, which goes by the same name,i.e., Movierulz,has been very effective in serving its purpose. Using these viewers get all the services the website is supposed to give. Also, it provides access to many web series and movies which are not even uploaded in the leading site. The channel is joined by more than 1.5 lakh people and this shows how widespread the community is.

People can join the telegram channel of Movierulz by merely searching for it and enjoy the content it has to offer. This is also free of cost as usual.

Final Words

So, we have seen various methods to open and to access Movierulz without using paid VPNs. These methods can be used to enjoy new movies and web shows of different languages and different genres that in selected quality. These methods will help many, amid this ever ending lockdown, who are stuck at home, totally bored, unable to afford the same content on paid platforms, and are craving for the same and want to do something about it.



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