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Before knowing about its legality, you need to know that what is Movierulz and for what reasons its legality is doubtful? Movierulz provides its users with content like movies and TV shows in HD. It is a digital era. That’s why people spend a lot of time on TV or phones watching movies, web series, or other useful content. There are a lot of websites in the market which provides you free content Movierulz is one of them.

This website has a wide variety of movies and TV shows in approximately every language you can even get here Hollywood content. Here you can stream the content online in full HD and download as well. Still, it can cause a massive loss to production houses because they invest a lot in a movie, and when people watch these movies from pirated websites, they have to face loss in revenue, which may demotivate them.

Movierulz provides unlimited HD content to its user for free, and it doesn’t charge you a single penny. They are providing you free content that doesn’t mean they don’t want to earn; they do earn by running advertisements on their sites, which can bother you. Fans who can’t wait to watch their favorite movie use these websites to download pirated content from Movierulz illegally.


Why is Movierulz a Piracy Website?

When someone releases a movie that is not in their authority, that is known as piracy in case of movies or TV shows. Piracy is illegal in India, but these sites are one step ahead, they keep changing their domain name extension so that they can keep themselves away from the eyes of legal authorities. The government has taken a lot of steps to stop piracy if the person proven guilty for piracy can face jail for three years and fine up to 10 lakh rupees.

When watching content online is illegal on this website to also provide content online to stream and download as well, so it is evident that this website is also illegal. The government has banned such illegal sites a lot of times, but these sites keep changing their domain name extensions to make their comeback in the market.

What are the disadvantages of streaming pirated content on Movierulz?

First of all, it is illegal, and you can’t believe pirated sites, yet Movierulz provides free content it is clear that it is an advertisement based website. Most of the time advertisement on this websites can be harmful to your device, as it can lead you to webpages which you don’t want to visit or it is also a possibility that it can install the malware in your device when you allow them to send a notification, which is very harmful to your data such as pictures, bank details, relevant documents, all these data are in danger.

Most of the time, users don’t even aware of the malicious app or files they have in their device. It will not only harm your device, but it will also try to harm all the devices which are connected to your network. For a lot of people, advertisement is annoying because it keeps popping up while you stream your content online and keep disturbing you, these advertisements are both disturbing and harmful, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get to stream online. You can if you use a VPN, it will not only keep your data safe, but it would also prevent these websites from installing malicious apps or files to your device.

Is it illegal to stream movies on Movierulz?

So, the answer is yes because doing any illegal activity can lead you to the cell.

As per the piracy law of any country, if it is proved that you were involved in helping someone in outraging the law of copyright, then your activity will come under the criminal act. Even the use of movie quotes will also consider you as the criminal because most of the time, movies have a watermark or disclaimer of copyright content.

And the punishment could be from 6 months to 2 years with the fine between rupees 50,000 to rupees 2,00,000 as per the seriousness of the crime.

Can you Stream Pirated Content with Safety?

So, the answer is yes, and you can stream such content if you follow some safety measures such as using a VPN. Streaming pirated content without VPN can cause a substantial loss in your data because the internet service provider can see your details such as which pages you visit or what are you streaming, in some countries, your internet service provider can share your details with third-party apps, which can use your data. They don’t even need to ask you for permission. Here VPN can help you in this kind of situation; is it change your IP address and re-routes your internet traffic, it’s kind of simple. You can easily do it by choosing a different server location.

Now the question is what kind of VPN you should use? We suggest you use a quality VPN that doesn’t go for free VPN because the free one is not capable of protecting your privacy, especially in the case of streaming pirated content. On the other hand, if you are purchasing a VPN, then the possibilities of your data’s security are much higher. Because a quality VPN not only protects you while in use but it will also protect your data while leaving the computer as it will encrypt your traffic so that the internet service provider won’t be able to track your activity.

There is also an alternative to a VPN, which is known as Tor. It is very much similar to a VPN, but Tor is not recommended a lot. It will attract internet service providers because it is a famous/popular tool used by hackers and criminals. The second reason why it is not recommendable because it is really very slow in comparison to VPN and it also can’t tolerate torrent. There is a long list of tools that are alternate to VPN, but all of them are not as good as a VPN.


You should always watch the original content instead of pirated content. If possible, use VPN while streaming websites like Movierulz; otherwise, you may have to face dire consequences such as losing your sensitive data, and in some rare cases, malicious apps or files can also take down your device. You may be able to recover that.



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