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Nowadays, as we all know, everybody is in their houses due to the pandemic. This has made the whole world to stop their work and sit in their respective houses. People stay in their houses, and going out is a very tough task. People may get punished if they step out of their houses. Different regions have different rules. I hope this pandemic end soon, and people begin to return to their routine soon.

As we all are staying in our houses, the connection between us and the outer environment is reduced to very less. People now stay only in their houses, no traveling, no shopping, no theatre, no visiting of malls. This feels like a cage or imprisonment. To cope up with these hard times, people are finding new ways to entertain themselves and go through this hard time. They are searching for new ways to pass their time. Many things are using which they can spend their day with ease. Singing, painting, playing games and watching movies and television shows are some of the sources of entertainment through which people make themselves comfortable and enjoyable in this hard time.

Watching movies and television shows is a popular and easiest way to entertain yourself. Almost every person watches movies, not for the whole day but at least one movie per day. This situation has pushed people to find the easiest and simplest ways to get movies to watch. Many online streaming services provide the best quality movies and TV shows. Netflix, Prime, Hulu are some names which are popular when it comes to online movie watching platform. But, to access their contents, you have to buy their subscription. This is why most of the people do not rely on these platforms. People search for free content so that they can access all movies and shows free of cost.


Introduction to Movierulz

Movierulz is one of those websites which have a lot of movies and shows on their sites. You will find a lot of movies. Here you will have many categories of movies, which you can select the desired one. Movierulz is very simple, and it is also straightforward to use. It has unique features that attract people very quickly. You can watch any movie in any quality. You can also download it for free. But, what makes it best is that you can have even the new released movies also. You can watch it and download it also. This is why lots of people visit this website daily. Therefore online movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, prime do not have many audiences. Websites like Movierulz uploads newly released movies just after it’s release.

How safe Movierulz is

Look, we all know that having someone’s property without their permission is a crime. Similar is the case with this website named Movierulz. What Movierulz does is that they upload pirated movies on their websites without any permission and copyright. People visit this website and download those movies for free. These types of websites have a significant impact on the business of movies. Producers who invest their money in movies get their profit when their movies are bought by the owners of theatre and cinema. They buy movies, and the money goes to the producers of the movies. But, what websites like Movierulz do is, they get their movies without paying them. We call it piracy. It is like a robbery of the movie. This impacts a lot on the earnings of those movies as websites like Movierulz does not pay the producers and make money from this movie by uploading it to their websites. People visit their websites to watch it and download it for free of cost.

Legality of Movierulz

Movierulz website is an illegal website. You also have concluded it after studying the previous topic we have discussed above. As they use someone’s property without their permission, they are doing crime. That’s why the website is illegal. In India and the USA, this website is considered an illegal website, and visiting this website is also a crime. So, if you visit this website, then the police may come to your house to arrest you.

If you watch movies on this website or download movies from this website, then you are doing a crime, and if you get caught, then strict action will be taken by the police against you. This makes it unsafe to visit and watch or download movies from this site.

A question must have arisen on your mind is that it is still available? And the answer is yes. The website is still available but with different links. This website changes it’s proxy list regularly so that they do not get caught by the government of India. The Anti Piracy Division of India had blocked the primary domain of Movierulz. Still, other links are also available through which you can access all the movies and shows with ease, and you can download it also.


Using these types of websites could be dangerous for you. Especially the Movierulz. This website uploads pirated movies and make it available to everyone for free. They are giving someone else’s property to everybody without having any permission or any other legal authority. According to cyber rules, it is illegal to have pirated movies. Websites having pirated movies are banned by the Anti Piracy Division of India. They make sure that there is no such pirating of movies is happening. In India, not only pirating movies is illegal, but watching or downloading pirated movies is also a crime, and strict action may be taken against them.

So, rather than risking yourself to get free movies, it will be wise to get movies from the legit sites and sources. There are many other sources through which you can access movies and TV shows, but you’ll not have the newly released movies just after it’s release. Therefore be safe and download and watch movies from—the legal sources.



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