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People of all ages are very fascinated with Anime and watch it with full excitement. And this has led to the making of many famous anime shows. So today, we will be talking about Highschool DxD Season 5, which has got the attention of many viewers worldwide.

So today, we will find answers to some most popular questions about the fifth season of Highschool DxD.

The components of this article are in the following order-

  • Will there be a fifth season of Highschool DxD?
  • Who will be in its development team?
  • When will Highschool DxD Season 5 release?
  • Is the trailer for the 5th season out yet?
  • Who will be in the fifth season, and who will give them a voice?
  • What will happen in Highschool DxD Season 5?
  • And some additional information.

Highschool DXD Season 5 | Confirmed Release Date | All New Updates Here.

But before we proceed with all these questions and their answers, let us first recap our knowledge about the show. For those who haven’t watched the show yet, this will intrigue them to watch the show right after they have completed reading this article.

Highschool DXD is a Harem and Ecchi series, but it is also comedy and action fiction at the same time. This adds to the number of reasons to watch it. Like any other anime, it is based on a manga series that goes by the same name and is written by Ichi Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama Zero.

Highschool DxD is about a second-year high school boy named Issei Hyoudou, who does nothing productive and is very big of a pervert and wants himself to be the harem king. But the truth is he has never been on an actual date with someone to date. He surprisingly is asked on a date by a lovely girl named Yuuma Amano after he joins the Kuoh Academy (high school). He agreed to that offer, and later on the date, he realized that his date is a Fallen angel. The fallen angel kills Issei.

He later on, the episode is brought back to life by a gorgeous girl named Rias Gremory, who is also a top tier devil. Issei is no more a human but has become a devil, and Rias is his master. He then discovers that the Kuoh Academy is full of Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils, and he, as the part of the devil’s group, has to now fight against the fallen angels and the church.

There are a total of 4 seasons of Highschool DxD. The series has received an excellent response from the audience and has got ratings of 7.6/10 on IMDb, 4.9/5 on Crunchyroll, and 8.6/10 on Now because it has got such good ratings and received such a good response from the audience and also it has been quite a while since the 4th season was out, people are very wager for the arrival of Highschool DxD Season 5.

There are many questions that all of us are curious to seek answers to. So let’s find answers to all those questions one by one.

Let us see who will be behind the making of this new season.


Development Team

The director for the first three seasons of the show was Tetsuya Yanagisawa.The writers for the first three seasons were Takao Yoshioka and Ichiei Ishibumi. And the production for the. The first three seasons were done by TNK. But due to some differences between Tetsuya Yanagisawa, Takao Yoshioka, and Ichiei Ishibumi, the former two were not involved in the fourth season, and TNK was also removed from the job of production.

So who will now be in their position? The development team from the fourth season will also be responsible for the fourth season. The team will include-

Director-The season will be directed by Yoshifumi Sueda and Taro Kubo.

Writers-The team of writers will include Ichei Ishibumi herself, Kenji Konuta, and Kristen McGuire.

Producers-The team of producers will include Erika Aoki, Kozue Kananiwa, Misato Aoki, and Satoshi Motonaga.

Passione will produce a production Company- the show.

Licensed by- Funimation will license the show for the USA, Madman Entertainment for Australia, and Manga Entertainment for the UK.

Original Network- The show will be networked by AT-X(uncensored).

Tuk, CTC, TV Aichi, SUN TV, Tokyo MX, BS11(censored).

Release Date: When Will Highschool Dxd Season 5 Release?

There hasn’t been any official announcement from the team, but people are very excited to know when they will be able to watch the 5th installment of Highschool DxD anime. And why not? It has been nearly two years since the last season was released. The show was expected to be released in 2020, but the COVID 19 pandemic and the worldwide lockdown has affected the anime industry brutally just like any other entertainment industry. The voice dubbing is being postponed, the production is being postponed, and the list goes on and on.

So, for obvious reasons, we will be unable to watch Highschool DxD season 5 by this year(seeing the voice dubbing is pending, among many other activities). But we could expect the new season to release by June 2021, but no official announcement has been made.

So let us hope that the pending activities are finished quickly, and we get to watch the Highschool DxD Season 5 as soon as possible.

So now that we know when we can probably watch season 5 of Highschool DxD, let us see who will be the cast and who will give them a voice.

Cast: Who Will Be in Highschool Dxd Season 5, and Who Will Give Them a Voice?

The cast of the new season of Highschool DxD has not yet been announced, but it is believed that the cast of this season will be very similar to the previous season. The voice of the characters will, like the previous seasons, be dubbed in both Japanese and English languages for audiences in the home country, i.e., Japan and also for audiences all around the globe( as it is a worldwide hit).

The cast and voice artists for this season will be as follows.

Issei Hyoudou- The lead character Issei Hyoudou will be voiced by Yuki Kaji(in Japanese) and Josh Grelle (in English).

Rias Gremory– The beautiful devil, Rias Gremory, will be in the 5th season, and she will be voiced by Yoko Hikasa( in Japanese) and Jamei Marehi(in English).

Asia Argento– Asia Argento will be in the 5th season and will be voiced by Azumi Asakura(in Japanese) and Leah Clarke (in English).

Akeno Himejima- This character will get the voice of Shizuka Ito(in Japanese) and Kally Angel(in English).

Konoeka Tonjo-Konoeka’s character will be voiced by Ayama Taketatsu (in Japanese) and Jad Saxton (in English).

Xenovia Quarta– This character will be played by Risa Taneda(in Japanese) and Ramona Newel(in English).

Since no official announcement from the team has been made so far, we are unaware of the new faces that we might see in Highschool DxD Season 5, but this will add to the surprise element of the show, and surprises are always excellent.

Let us see what will happen in the fifth season of Highschool DxD.

Plot: What Will Happen in High School Dxd Season 5?

Highschool DxD revolves around a pervert boy(Issei Hyoudou) who wants to be the Harem king who is killed on his first date by and then revived backs a devil by a charming and top tier devil. Since then, Issei has allied with other devils and is fighting against the fallen angels and the church. Also, his desire to be the Harem king comes true. There are a lot of references to gods and dragons in the show, and the show is full of ordinary-looking people with superpowers.

Though no official announcement has been made regarding what we may get to witness in the next season, it is for sure the new season will be full of harem and action and romance. It is also believed that season 5 of Highschool DxD will be based on the 11th and 12th volume of the manga series(novel). The new season will continue to revolve around the Kuoh Academy.

The creators claim that the new season will be way better than all the previous seasons. Let us hope that this comes true.

Will the Show Be the Same as the Manga Series?

Also, we are not sure whether the new season will be based entirely on the novel or will have some deviations,i.e., whether the crew will use their creativity in this new season to surprise the audience who have already read the manga or if it will be the same as the novel.

The chances are that we may get to see a plot that is very similar to the manga because the reason behind differences between Tetsuya Yanagisawa, Takao Yoshioka, and Ichiei Ishibumi was that the former deviated from the actual manga. Ichei Ishibumi made everybody in the crew for season 4 read the novel carefully and present it as it has been written. As the cast for this season will be the same as previous seasons, so, we may witness no deviations in the plot.

Additional Information

Let us look at some extra information regarding the new season and the anime franchise as a whole.

The Anime series has a total of four seasons till now. The first season is named Highschool DxD and was based on the 1st, 2nd, and 8th volumes of the novel. The second season is named Highschool DxD New and was based on 3rd and 4th volumes. The third season goes by the name Highschool DxDBorn, and it was based on the 5th and 6th volumes of the manga series. And the 4th season was named Highschool DxD Hero,and it was based on the 7th and 9th season of the novel.

Highschool DxDwas released on 6th January 2012.

Highschool DxD Newwas released on 7th July 2013.

Highschool DxDBornwas released on 4th April 2015.

Highschool DxD Herowas released on 10th April 2018.

The anime series has a total of 53 episodes(12 episodes each season and 5 OVA episodes). All the episodes had a runtime of 23 minutes. And Highschool DxD Season 5 will consist of a total of 12 episodes, just like the previous seasons.

The runtime of each episode of season 5 will be around 30-35, unlike the previous seasons, which had a runtime of 23 minutes. Hence we will get to see more action, drama, and romance this time.

There will also be the 6th season of Highschool DxD, and we will get to watch it soon after the 5th season arrives. This is exciting news for all the Highschool DxD fans.


Highschool DxD Season 5 is a very highly awaited show, and fans are very excited to see. Though we know that season 5 is coming and that it is anticipated to be better than the previous four seasons, there is still much information about the new season that has not been made public yet. So we will get to know more about Highschool DxD Season 5 when any sort of official announcement is made or eventually when the show is released. So let us hope that the show releases as soon as possible and it stands well in all the claims made for it.



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