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Welcome folks, today we will be talking about the second installment of a top-rated anime show which goes by the name Monster Musume. We will be looking at some of the most asked queries that the fans are asking worldwide about Monster Musume season 2 and their answers.

The information about this second season will be discussed in the following order-

  • Will there be a second season of Monster Musume?
  • Who will be in its development team?
  • When will the show release?
  • Is the trailer out yet?
  • Who will be in the show?
  • Who will give voices to these characters?
  • What will probably happen in the second installment of the show?
  • And some extra/additional information about the show.

But let us first look at some necessary information about the show before we dive into these questions. Shall we?

Monster Musume season 2 Release Date  Updates

Monster Musume A.K.A. “Everyday life with monster girls” is an anime series which is of comedy, harem, and fantasy genre. It was released on the 7th of July,2015. It is based on a manga series(that goes by the same name), which is written and illustrated by Okayado and was published in the monthly Ryu Magazine ( in Japan) and in Seven Seas Entertainment in America and was repurposed in the anime format because it became so famous.

It is set in a world where humans get aware of the existence of mythical creatures. They sought to coexist with these creatures happily and set up the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act,” according to which a normal human being can be a host to a mythical creature and vice versa.

Kimihitu Kurusu, a shy boy who has no interest in being a host to any of the creatures or even being a guest to them, gets caught up in action. He is accidentally considered a volunteer and is asked to host seven female mythical creatures who are very attractive and are all of the different species.

They all fall in love with the hero, i.e., Kimihitu Kurusu, and compete with each other for getting him all the time. But here is the catch, despite the over friendliness between these two species, i.e., human and mythical species, they aren’t allowed to be involved in a physical affair of any nature. In short, “Interspecies Breeding” is prohibited and punishable.

The show has a total of 12 episodes and has got a rating of 6.5/10 in IMDb. It is available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Crunchyroll.

So this is all about the first season of Monster Musume, and now we will progress with all the most awaited queries and their answers too.


Will There Be a Second Season of Monster Musume?

There is exciting news for all the Monster Musume fans out there who were very critical about whether the second season will release or it has been canceled. The answer is:s not canceled. Yes, you heard it right, the show makers have confirmed that there will be Monster Musume season 2. This will surely relieve many fans.

Development Team

Let us now look at the people and institutions which will be responsible for making this new season. The Development Team for Monster Musume season 2 will be a lot similar to the previous season. The team will consist of-

Director- The second season of the show will be directed by Tetsuya Yoshihara.

Writer- The writer for Monster Musume season 2 will be Kazuyuki Fudeyaski.

Studio- The studio which will be responsible for this new season is Lerche.

Licensed by- The show will be licensed by Hanabee in Australia, by Sentai Filmworks in the U.S.A. and by M.V.M. in the United Kingdom.

Original Network- The show will be networked by AT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN TV, KBS, and BS11.

Now let us look by when we will be able to watch the second season of Monster Musume.

Release Date: When Will Monster Musume Season 2 Release?

Although the renewal of the second season of Monster Musume has been made official by the shoemakers, the official release date has still kept a secret. This means no official announcement has been made regarding the release date of Monster Musume season 2.

The show was earlier expected to release in 2020. Still, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, which has hit the anime industry very severely, the show’s release has been postponed further. Now the show is expected to release in the second half of the 2021 year. But the show might be further postponed because of the uncertainty of the current situation.

This will be very disturbing for many fans who were happy just to hear that there will be a second season of the show. But it is what it is.

But let’s just hope that the second season is released as soon as possible and we can watch it by then.

Trailer: is the Trailer for Monster Musume Season 2 Out Yet?

It has been almost four years since the first season was released, and the fans are getting just one glimpse or the trailer of the show. But unfortunately, the trailer for the second season of Monster Musume isn’t out yet. This is because the productions of the show haven’t finished yet. We hope that the trailer is released by the end of 2021, which will eventually mean that the show is going to be released around that time. Also, the trailer will be able to provide answers with some questions regarding the Monster Musume season 2.

Now that we know that the trailer isn’t out yet and when probably we can see it, we will be looking at the cast for this new season of Monster Musume: Everyday life with monster girls.

Cast: Who Will Be in Monster Musume Season 2, and Who Will Voice These Characters?

Though no official announcement has been made, the cast for Monster Musume season 2 will be the same as previous seasons. The characters whom we will be able to see in this new season will include.

Kimihito Kurusu- The character of Kimihito Kurusu will be in the second season. It will be voiced by Junji Majima in the Japanese language for the local Audience and by Bryson in English for audiences worldwide.

Miia– Miia’s character in the second season of Monster Musume will be voiced by Sora Amamia in Japanese and Allison .L. Sumrall in English.

Papi– Papi’s character will be voiced by Ari Ozawa in the Japanese language and by Brittney Karbowsky in English.

Centorea- Centorea’s character will get the voice of Natsuki Aikawa in the Japanese language and by Molly Searcy in English for the second season.

Smith- Smith’s character will be voiced by Yu Kabayashi in Japanese and by Shelle Calene-Black in the English language.

Suu- Suu’s character will be voiced by Mayuka Nomura in Japanese and by Monica Rial in English.

Mero– Mero’s character will be the voice of Haruka Yamazakin for Japanese Audience and Maggie Flecknoe for the Audience worldwide watching the show in English.

Rachnera- The character of Rachnera will be voiced by Sakura Nakamura in Japanese and Courtney Lamela in English.

Because the characters are to be dubbed in Japanese first and then in English, the show might release early for the local Audience, or the whole show might be delayed so that it is released for all types of Audience at the same time.

We may see some new characters in this season, but because there is no official confirmation for this fact, we are unable to find out more about the new character. We will have to wait either for the official announcement or the trailer(whichever comes first) to know about the new characters in Monster Musume season 2.

Plot: What Will Happen in Monster Musume Season 2?

As we already know, Monster Musume is about a shy boy, Kimihitu Kurusu, who accidentally becomes the host to seven beautiful and attractive female mythical creatures who have fallen for him. So, this season of Monster Musume will revolve around the same story.

We will see all the monster girls trying their best to get Kurusu’s attention and doing whatever they can to get him totally to themselves. We’ll also witness the beautiful creatures competing against each other for winning Kurusu.

Talking about Kusrusu, we will witness Kurusu as the same shy and hospitable boy like we saw in the previous season. He, being aware of the repercussions of Interspecies Breeding and also that any of his guests can kill him unknowingly, will try to maintain distance from them and also provide them with the best food of their life.

Moreover, this season will be as harem as the previous season. We will get to see many awkward scenes, many romantic scenes, and also some emotional and worth crying scenes. This season just like the previous season, will also revolve around Kimihito Kurusu. According to the shoemakers, this new season will be even more exciting than the previous season.

A lot of information about what will happen in Monster Musume season 2 is still a secret as no official announcement regarding the same has been made. So, as I said, we will have to wait for the trailer or the show to release to know what this new season will be all about. But one thing is for sure that the wait would be worth it.

Will There Be Monster Musume Season 3?

We have exciting news for all the fans of Monster Musume, who were eagerly waiting for Monster Musume season 2 and wanted to know whether this will be the last season of the show or they will get to see more of the beautiful monster girls.

The second season of Monster Musume will not be its last season. The manga series of Monster Musume consists of a total of 63 chapters. The first season of the show was based on chapters 1 to 16 and chapters 18 to 25, and the two OVA episodes were based on episodes 17 and 26. So there is a lot to be covered, which will require more than a single season. So we may expect some more seasons of the Monster Musume show.

Also, we came to know that the writer of Monster Musume manga, Okayado, was planning to write more chapters of the manga but was unable to do so because of his illness. But now that he has recovered, he can add more chapters to the manga series. This further ensures that we will be getting more seasons of Monster Musume. Isn’t it fantastic news for you all, fans?

Additional information

Although no announcement has been made regarding the number of episodes in season 2, the Monster Musume season 2, like the previous season, may consist of a total of 12 episodes (or if we are lucky the numbers can be even more). And the new season will also consist of some OVA episodes just like the previous season.

This is because a large amount of the manga is still left uncovered, and the shoemakers won’t have to settle for lesser episodes than the previous season; instead, they can increase the number of episodes seeing the amount of time they have to keep their fans waiting.


Monster Musume season 2 is surely in the making, and we will be able to see it very soon. A lot of information about the second season is still unknown because of obvious reasons. But we will be able to discover all of that information in the future when we watch the second season of Monster Musume for real. Till then, the only thing we can do is just wait.

Also, if you like harem and comedy anime with a twist of romance and fantasy and haven’t watched Monster Musume yet, then you should watch it till the second season is released.

Monster Musume is available on platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, V.R.V., Crunchyroll, etc.



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