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Time for something supernatural, something involving werewolves and a whole lot of magic and magicians at the same time. But how can we talk about all at once? It seems like there is away. Today we will be talking about The Order season 2, which will be a sequel to the famous show of The Order.

The Order is a Netflix original web show, which is of the Horror, Drama, and Supernatural genre. It is co-created by Dennis Heaton, who is famous for Ghost Wars and Shelley Erikson, who is famous for Continuum and Nomadic Pictures, which is also responsible for the Zombie TV Show, Van Helsing.

The Order is about a young college student who magically gets enrolled in a very reputed college named the Belgrave University. He, on joining the university, discovers that the place has a lot of secrets than he could ever imagine of. He finds the place to be full of magic, secret societies, and yes many conspiracies.

He joins the university’s magic secret society, which is named The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, to find out that his father is the grand magus of that secret society. He then plans to seek revenge from his father, who had abandoned him and his mom and also for the secret death of his mother.

As I said, there are a lot of secrets revolving around the college; he accidentally gets him into another society of werewolves named The Knights of Saint Christopher, who are the arch enemies of the magicians of The Hermetic Order of Blue Rose.

The Order Season 2 Releasing Updates

The show is full of great characters who can have a story of their own. It is also full of violence, drama, secure usage of language, and yes, the humor. It doesn’t matter how dangerous the situation is you may get uncontrolled attacks of laughter and may lose the that serious state of mind that the show had created earlier due to the turn of events.

The first season of The Order was released on 7th March 2019 and then gained a lot of popularity and managed to make a massive fanbase for itself. The show has a total of 10, which in turn consists of a total of 5 parts( 2 episodes per part). The runtime for the episodes of the first season was between 42-51 minutes.

The first season of The Order has received mixed responses from the critics, but according to the fans, it is a great show, and that is what matters. The Order is rated 6.8/10 on IMDb and a whopping 100% in Rotten Tomatoes.

Now because the first season was such a huge hit, fans are waiting for the second season very keenly, and today we are going to help them in that and provide them with all the information we have regarding The Order season 2.

We will be answering some of the most asked and important questions regarding Order season 2. The questions and their answers will be in the following Order-

  • Will there be a second season of The Order?
  • Who will be in the development team?
  • When will The order season 2 release?
  • Is the trailer for the second season out yet?
  • What will be the cast of The Order season 2?
  • What will happen in the second season?
  • Will there be a third season of The Order?
  • And some additional information.

So let’s dig in. Shall we?


Will There Be a Second Season of the Order?

There is some excellent news for all the fans of The Order out there. Netflix has confirmed that there will be a prequel to the first season of The Order. And the second season of the show was pretty much predictable, especially after what we were shown in the finale of the first season, where the witches break their alliance with the wolves and turn against them by deleting their memory.

Netflix, through its youtube account, recently uploaded a short video of The Order where the cast of the show is seen pouring some kind of volatile liquid (or whatever it was) on a book that looked very very old. So definitely more magic and supernatural coming our way in the form of The Order season 2.

Now let us look at the development and production team for this new installment of The Order.

Development Team

The team involved behind the camera and responsible for the making of The Order season 2 will be a lot similar to the previous season’s. It will consist of –

Director- Kristin Lehman will be directing the season 2 of The Order.

Writers- The season 2 of The Order will be written by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Erikson from the previous season.

Executive Producers- The executive producers for this season will be Dennis Heaton, Shelley Erikson, and Mike Frislev.

Original Network- Like the first season, The Order season 2 will also be a Netflix original, and so it will be networked by Netflix.

Production Company- This season of The Order will be produced by Nomadic Pictures Entertainment like the previous season.

Now let us progress towards the most awaited question, and of course, it answers.

Release Date: When Will the Order Season 2 Release?

Here is some good news for all the fans of The Order, the date for the release of the second season has been set. Order Season 2 will release on 18th June 2020. The first season of The Order was released on 7th March 2019 on Netflix, and just like the first, the second season of The Order was also believed to be released around the same time in 2020.

But as we all are aware of the current coronavirus pandemic and lockdown regulations and what they have done to the industries all over the world, the entertainment industry is also affected, and this has led to the delay in the release of The Order season 2.

Trailer: Is the Trailer for the Order Season 2 Has Been Out Yet?

Though we know about the release date of The Order season 2, we still aren’t provided with a trailer for season 2 yet. But it is believed that the trailer will soon be aired just before the release of the show.

Let us hope that the trailer releases as soon as possible so that we can get an idea of what is going to happen in the second installment of the show.

Cast: Who Will Be in the Order Season 2?

Now it’s time that we reveal who we will be able to see in the second season. The cast for The Order season 2 will be pretty much the same as the first season. But we will not be able to see some faces from the previous season that were killed in the previous season.

As the antagonist of season 1, Edward Coventry, who was played by the actor Max Martini, will not be able to return in the previous season as he died a magical death in the finale of season 1. We will also not be able to see Matt Frewer, who played Pete Morton, Jack’s grandfather, in the first season as he was killed in the first season itself.

But we are not sure if these characters will be in season 2 or not because they might appear in people’s memories or even in real flesh as magic can do wonders.

But the cast that we are sure that will make a return will include-

  • Jake Manley who will play the role of the protagonist, Jack Morton, like the previous season.
  • Sarah Grey will play the role of Alyssa Drake, who plays another protagonist of the show.
  • Veteran actress Katharine Isabelle will play the role of Vera Stone, who became the leader, aka Grand Magus, at the end of the first season.
  • Adam DiMarco will play the role of the gay werewolf, Remdall Carpio, who is a member of The Knights of Saint Christopher.
  • Devery Jacobs will play the role of badass Lilith Bathory, another member of The Knights of Saint Christopher.
  • Thomas Elms will be playing the role of Hamish Duke, who is the leader of The Knights of Saint Christopher.
  • Louria Tranco will play the role of Gabrielle Dupres.
  • Anesha Bailey will star as Nicole in The Order season 2.

We might also see some new faces in the second season of The Order. However, no announcement regarding the same has been made. So we must be ready for surprises in the second season.

Plot: What Will Happen in the Order Season 2?

Now we are going to address the most awaited question regarding Order season 2. In the previous season, we saw that Alyssa convinces Vera Stone to team up with Jock Morton to kill Edward Coventry. But that was not even close to what made us excited for the second season.

The biggest twist that the first season gave us was at the end when the Witches break their alliance with The Knights of Saint Christopher and delete their memory of the existence of the secret society called The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.

We saw our two protagonists meet and kiss, but after that, we see Alyssa throwing powder at Jack and making him drop unconscious.

So this season will more or less focus on The Knights of Saint Christopher struggling to get back their memory by connecting the strange-looking dots, and once they have done so, it will be interesting to see how they take revenge from The Order. There will surely be a lot of spells, a lot of action scenes, a lot of violence and of course a whole lot of humor.

Sarah Grey, aka Alyssa Drake in an Interview with Showbiz Junkies, talked about a lot of things. She said that the fans would be witnessing a lot of new spells and a lot of new secrets this season.

Then she also talked about her character in the show Alyssa Drake. She said that it was not her decision to do what she did with Mike. She did it to save him from the dangers that he might have to face as he was also the part of The Knights of Saint Christopher.

She said that it would be tough for her(Alyssa) to see Jack in the second season, but as a stranger, every time she sees him, she will be filled with guilt and love. Talking more about her character, she told Alyssa will be promoted to higher ranks in The Order this season.

Also, this season like the previous season, will not just be about the protagonist. Dennis Heaton, in an interview, said that each supporting character is as important to him as the protagonist, and it is only fair that he will provide adequate time for these characters to nurture and develop in The Order season 2.

So after listening to these to talk about the second season in such a way, we are sure that this season will be a lot better than the previous season and will pick things up from where they were left in the previous season.

Will There Be a Third Season of the Order?

We are not sure whether there will be a third season of The Order because no official announcement has been made regarding the same. But once we can watch the second season, we will be in a better position to determine whether the show will require more installments or not. Let’s just hope that it does.

Additional information

The Order Season 2, like the first season, will consist of a total of 10. Each episode will have a runtime of 42-51 minutes like it was in the previous season.


So now that we know when The order season 2 will be released and who will be in the show, it is time for us to wait excitedly for the show (like we were before). More regarding what will happen in the second season can only be obtained after watching the trailer or the second season itself.

Till then, we have to wait patiently for the second season to release. If you haven’t watched the first season yet, you surely are missing out on a lot of things, and I would recommend you watch the first season till the second season releases.



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