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Hello people, today, we will be answering some trendy questions about The OA season 3, which will be the sequel to the mind-bending, insane and captivating show, The OA season 2.

The OA is a Netflix original show which was first aired on December 16, 2016, and had been making fans ever since. The OA is created by Zat Batmanglij and the actor and screenwriter Brit Marling, who rose to prominence for her movies like Sound of My Voice and Another Earth.

It comes in the genres of Mystery, Drama, Science Fiction, Occult Fiction, and Fantasy. And trust me, it combines all these elements in the most plausible manner that you could ever imagine of.

The OA tells the story of a casual looking girl who has the most un-casual and mysterious life one could ever imagine. The girl is named Prairie Johnson, and her character is brought to life by none other than actress Brit Marling.

Prairie is a young woman who returns home after seven years of vanishing. She seems to have regained her eyesight as, before her disappearance, she was a blind girl(there lies a profound reason behind it).

Nobody in their right mind can even think of what Prairie has gone through, not even the viewers, but as the story moves ahead, we come to see what happened to her throughout the past seven years as she tells her story to the group of five people she wants to ally with.

The OA season 3 Releasing  Updates

The show is full of conspiracies, strange theories, and yes, that multidimensional element fits right into it. It is considered one of the best works of Brit Marling and Zat Batmanglij, although they have been involved in joint projects in the past. The fans have widely acknowledged them for this “masterpiece.”

The show has a total of 2 seasons as yet that covers two parts of the story the writers have written. It has a total of 16 episodes ( 8 episodes in each season), which cover a total of 16 chapters. The runtime for the episodes varies a lot, shortest of them being 31 minutes and the longest of them being of a whopping 71 minutes.

The show has got good ratings in various platforms, like 7.9/10 in IMDb, 84% in Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 8.3 in

This was some necessary information regarding the show and now that we know it along with why it is so praised by the viewers and also why it has a big fan base. We should also be aware that fans are desperately waiting for its third season to release.

So assuming that we all now are familiar with the show, let us seek answers to the questions that we had promised at the beginning, regarding The OA season 2.

We will be answering questions in the following order-

  • Will there be a season 3 of The OA?
  • Is OA canceled?
  • When will The OA season 3 release?
  • Is the trailer out yet?
  • What will be the cast of The OA season 3?
  • What will happen in the third installment of The OA?
  • Will there be a 4th season of The OA?
  • And much additional information so that you leave this page with no doubts whatsoever in your head about The OA season 3.

So let’s dig in. Shall we?


Will There Be a Season 3 of the OA?

Season 2 of the show released on March 22, 2019, and it had such an impressive run that the fans are waiting for its third season ever since. But here is some devastating news for all the fans of The OA worldwide, which may both shock as well as dishearten them very much.

At the time of release of second season Cindy Holland, the head of Originals of Netflix in an interview with Thrillist, said that they were pleased that the show will have a total of five seasons covering the five chapters of the story written by Brit Marling and Zat Batmanglij. But as fascinating this news is, it was too bad for us to get our hopes very high. This is because Netflix has canceled the renewal of the show on August 5, 2019, and this is no joke.

Holland herself, in another interview with Thriller, told how bad they felt announcing that there will be no season 3 to The OA and that the second season will be the last season of the show. She also said that they are looking forward to working with the creator duo,i.e., Brit Marling and Zat Batmanglij, in the future.

Brit Marling took to Instagram to address the fans that how sad she felt that the show wouldn’t be renewed for a third season. She also thanked all the fans worldwide who stood in support of the renewal of the show. She wrote that she felt very grateful to be involved in such a project that made such loyal fans who are even ready to protest and demand the show to continue.

She also asked the fans to accept the fact there will be no new season of The OA any further and to withdraw the protests and stop giving any further trouble to themselves. Jason Isaacs, who plays the antagonist, Dr. Hunter Alloysius Percy, aka Hap, in an interview with Radio Times, said that he was also devastated on hearing that the show won’t be continued any further.

He was also moved to see the fans protest, and he even highlighted that one of the show fans sat on a hunger strike outside the office of Netflix on Sunset Boulevard and demanded the renewal of the show for season 3 and that the show should have all five parts covered.

It is unfortunate news. It is like walking the fans through the wonders they could never have imagined of and then leaving them midway. But this is not the only show that has been abandoned incomplete. The Exorcist on Amazon Prime was also abandoned after the second season, leaving the fans shocked of what happened.

Now that we know that there would be no The OA season 3 let us find the reason behind it.

Why is Season 3 of The OA Canceled?

Even though The OA was such a creative and excellent show and had fans worldwide, but it couldn’t amass a huge number of viewership. The number of viewers of the show remained stagnant. While this could have been the reason for Netflix abandoning the show, there are also other arguments being made that are not similar to this one being made here.

Jason Isaacs, in the same interview with Radio Times, said that the show’s low viewership was not the reason behind the abandoning of the series. He said that the Entertainment platform thrives on expanding its number of subscriptions, and it was the decision made by the executives of the body to abandon the series.

He also said that it was tough to turn down the renewal of the season and that it is tough to be an executive as you have to make some decisions that may present you as a villain to the others.

Release Date: When Will the OA Season 3 Release?

If the show were not canceled, we would have the OA season 3 by mid or late 2020. But now that we know that there won’t be any season 3 of the OA, then it would be foolish to speculate its release date. But in the past, we have seen that many series were abandoned by a platform and were picked up by another, so we, alongside all the fans, would be hoping for this to happen.

But don’t get your hopes too high because if you do so and then nothing like that happens, then it would be even more painful, and you may end up being disappointed(as any network did not pick the Exorcist). And even if it gets picked, it will undoubtedly take a lot longer than expected for it to release (if we are lucky enough).

Trailer: Is the Trailer for the OA Out Yet?

The team of the show was pretty excited about preparing for season three of The OA until they heard from Netflix about the cancelation of the show. If this would not have happened, then we would have had a trailer by now, but now that it is difficult to tell when The OA season 3 will release or if it will release in the first place, so we are uncertain about the trailer.

Let’s hope Netflix reconsiders the renewal or cancelation of The OA and that the results are in our favor because a lot of fans have been protesting worldwide, and they deserve more of the incredible and unimaginative stuff. The OA presents the viewers with.

Cast: Who Will Be in the OA Season 3?

Considering a catastrophe of The OA not being canceled by Netflix or a savior comes to rescue the show. In that case, we should know who will be in The OA season 3. The cast of The OA for season 3 will be quite similar to the previous seasons. The cast will include-

Brit Marling will play the role of The OA, the protagonist of the show.

Emory Cohen will play the character of Homer Roberts.

Scott Wilson will play Abel Johnson’s character.

Phyllis Smith will play the character of Betty Broderick-Allen aka BBA.

Alice Alexander will be playing the character of Nancy Johnson in The OA season 3.

Jason Isaacs will be in action as Hap, the show’s antagonist.

Patrick Gibson will play Steve Winchell’s character.

Ian Alexander will play the character of Buck, aka Michelle Wu.

We can also get to see some new faces in season three of the show. Let us hope that we can see these people in action again in The OA season three.

Plot: What Will Happen in the OA Season 3?

Now, let us see If there was a season 3 of The OA then what would have happened in that season.

Both the seasons, season 1 and season 2, of The OA were mind-bending and full of thrill, and we expect that this season would have been no different. We saw The OA traveled to a different dimension at the end of season 1 to rescue Homer and take on Hap, who has been recklessly killing people that came on his way. And at the end of season two, she fell into a new dimension, which was the most exciting and suspenseful ending one could ever expect the show to have.

The OA reached the real world dimension in which she was Brit Marling, and she was on the sets shooting for The OA. This made the fans go crazy. In season three, we can expect the story to revolve around the real world as it would pick from where the second season ended.

Prairie will continue to make efforts to stop Him from his evildoings. In an interview with Radio Times, actor Ben Adir who plays Kareem in the second season of the show, said the third season is going to be far beyond our imagination. It will continue to prove our expectations wrong in every proceeding step.

Will There Be a Season 4 of the OA?

The OA was designed to be a five-season series, but it has been abandoned after the season due to some issues. So, we are uncertain whether there will be a third season of the show, so, no way on earth we know whether there will be a 4th season of The OA. If the show is renewed or adopted by any other network then we will have a 4th season and also the 4th season. Let’s just hope that the same happens.


Nobody knows when or whether season three of The OA will come or be renewed. Both Netflix and fans are adamant about their choices. It will be essential to see which side the fate of The OA will fall. We also are very skeptical that it would be picked up by any other network as it did not amass a vast viewership. But let us hope for the best.



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