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Today we will talk about Made in Abyss season 2, which will be a sequel to Made in Abyss. There are a lot of queries in the viewer’s minds regarding the upcoming Season of this show. So today, we will try to answer all those queries and also provide you with some additional information.

The topics discussed in this article will be in the following order-

  • Will there be a second season of Made in Abyss?
  • Who will be in its development team?
  • When will it release?
  • Is the trailer out yet?
  • Who will be in the cast of this new Season?
  • What will happen in Made in Abyss season 2?
  • And some additional information

But before that, let us learn about the show as it will intrigue more for the Second Season of the show.

Made in Abyss is a very popular adventure anime. Many fans already argue that Made in Abyss is not just the best adventure Anime show, but it is the best anime show by far.

It is based on the manga series that goes by the same name”Made in Abyss,” which is written by Akihito Tsukushi and was published by Takeshobo( in Japanese) and Seven Seas Entertainment ( in English).

Made in Abyss Season 2 Releasing Updates

Masayuki Kojima and Hitoshi Haga direct the anime series of Made in Abyss. It is an adventure fiction, dark fantasy science fiction. It is about Riko, an orphaned girl who lives in the Belcher Orphanage in the town of Orth, which is situated on an island in the Beoluska Sea. The town is spread around a bottomless and big chasm, which is referred to as the Abyss and is believed to be inhabited by the ancient civilization that exists no more. Riko is met by a robot named Reg, who looks a lot like any other normal human being except the fact that he is not.

The chasm was a place of action for the Cave raiders who went into it to find all the reminiscences of the previous existing civilization. The cave, like its appearance, is very mysterious and full of strange creatures and different levels. Many cave raiders are unable to find their way out of the cage because of the curse of the cave. The legendary cave raiders are given the title of “White whistle.” Rico’s mother, Lyza, was also a Whitelist, and she could not manage to come out of the cave.

Riko, along with her robot friend Reg sets on a journey to go into the mysterious cave despite the warnings and the stories she has heard of. She did so because she wanted to find and unite with Lyza, her mother, and bring her back from the cave. She, in this journey, faces a lot of challenges alongside Reg, fights a lot of strange creatures, meets many allies, and also gets to know the mysterious cave of Abyss even better.

There are, by far, only a single season of Made in Abyss anime, which was released on 29th September 2019(almost three years ago). It received a lot of appreciation from the fans and critics and, within a short time, gained a lot of popularity.

The first Season has a total of 13 episodes and has a runtime of 23-27 minutes. It has got ratings of 8.4/10 on IMDb and 8.8/10 on The show was also awarded the Anime of the Year and Best Score at Crunchyroll’s 2017 Anime Awards. It is also claimed as one of the best Anime of the year 2017.

Because it has got such great reviews and ratings and was one of a kind adventure show, it has left the fans in great excitement. They after watching the first Season are restless to watch Made in Abyss Season 2 and are waiting dearly for the show.

So let us seek answers to some of the fundamental questions that everyone has regarding season 2 of Made in Abyss. After reading these answers, fans would have a better knowledge of the show and many things related to it. So let’s proceed.


Development Team

It will only be fair that we are aware of the crew that will be responsible for delivering the second Season of our favorite adventure anime.

The production and development team has not changed much from the previous Season. The team will include.

Director- The director of Made in Abyss season 2 will be Masayuski Kojima and Hitoshi Haga. Just like the previous Season.

Writers- The writers of season 2 of Made in Abyss will include Akihito Tsukushi, Hideyuki Kurata, and Keigo Koyonagi.

Studio- The studio for season 2, like the previous Season, will be Kinema Citrus.

Licensed by- The second installment of the Anime will be licensed by Madman Entertainment in Australia, Sentai Filmworks in the USA, and MVM Films in the UK.

Original Network- The show will be networked by AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, SUN TV, KBS, TVQ, STS, and BS 11.

Release Date: When Will Make in Abyss Season 2 Release?

There hasn’t been any official announcement about the second Season of Made in Abyss’ release as yet. The show was supposed to be released in Japan by July 2020 and in the USA after two to three months of the release in Japan. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown regulations, the anime industry, like any other industry, has been hit very hard.

It is believed that the productions of the second Season are not over yet and that the show is currently under production. So, sadly we will not be able to see the show anytime around this month.

The show is speculated to release by the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021. This might be a little comforting for the fans. But these are just speculations and might not stand true as no official announcement has been made yet.

It’s been three years since the first Season was aired, so let’s just hope that the productions for Made in Abyss season 2 are completed as soon as possible, and we get to see the rest of the adventure by early 2021.

Trailer: Is the Trailer for Made in Abyss Season 2 Out Yet?

It is quite conclusive that the trailer for the second Season of Made in Abyss isn’t out yet as the productions for the show are on and have not been completed. But the chances are that we may get videos claiming that they are trailers for the Second Season of Made in Abyss if we search for the same. These are fake trailers that are fanmade and will not at all be able to tell you what we can witness in Made in Abyss season 2.

So let us hope that the official trailer of the show will be out soon because only that would be able to give us a clear picture of what could be happening in Made in Abyss season 2 and also it would be a signal of the second Season’s arrival.

Now that we know about the release of the new Season of Made in Abyss and that its trailer isn’t out yet, we should proceed and look who will be in this new Season and who will voice these characters.

Cast: Who Will Be in Made in Abyss Season 2, and Who Will Voice Them?

Although no official announcement has been made, we can expect the cast of Made in Abyss season 2 to be similar to the cast in season 1, and also, the voicing artists will be the same as before. These will include-

Riko– The character of our protagonist, who is in search of her mother Lyza, will be in the next Season of Made in Abyss. Riko’s character will be voiced by Muju Tomita in Japanese for the home audience and by Brittany Lauda in English for the fans worldwide.

Reg- The robot savior who has a superb power called incineration that helps him fight evils, will also be in the next Season. His character will be voice-dubbed by Mariya Ise in Japanese for the local crowd and Cuci Christian in English.

Nanachi– A character whom Riko and Reg meet in the Abyss will also be in the next installment of Made in Abyss. She will be given her voice by Shiori Izawa in Japanese and by Brittney in English.

Mitty– Eri Kitamura will voice mitty’s character in Japanese and Monika Rial in English.

Because the characters will be first dubbed in Japanese and then in English, so the Japanese version will drop early by a month or two.

As no official announcement has been made, we are not aware of which new faces we would be able to see in Made in Abyss Season 2, but it is for sure that we will be able to see some new faces this Season. So the only possible way we will be able to know about the new faces in the Season is either by waiting for the trailer or the show or waiting for any announcement by the creators.

The narrators for this Season will also be the same as the previous Season,i.e., Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese and Shelley Calene-Black.

Now that we know about the cast of Made in Abyss season 2, let us see what may happen in season 2.

Plot: What Will Happen in Made in Abyss Season 2?

It is believed that Season two will pick things up from where it left. Rico and Reg will have a new companion, Nanachi, alongside them who is well aware of the Abyss and the threats that it caters. Reg may learn to use his incinerator without getting exhausted or might find an excellent alternative to that which will help him in both saving his friends and not getting exhausted at the same time.

This Season will be based on the 6th to 8th volumes of the manga series(novel).

This Season will be even more adventurous than the previous Season. It will have more twists, and the threats will be even more significant this Season. Also, this Season Rico may reunite with her mother.

No official announcement has been made regarding what could happen in Made in Abyss season 2. Therefore, it will be difficult to tell what exactly will happen in the Season as there are always chances that the manga series and the Anime may not align. So we will have to wait for the second Season to learn what it will be about.

Additional information

Although the second Season has not been released yet, two movies of Made in Abyss are available for the fans. And the later of them follows the storyline from the first Season and is based on 4tha and 5th volume of the manga series.

The Second Season will have a runtime of 23-17 minutes, just like the previous Season.


Made in Abyss season 2 will be a lot more interesting than the previous Season. Because no official announcement has been made as yet, we cannot confirm when the new Season will be out, who will be in this Season for the first time or what will happen in this Season, but whenever it comes out, all our doubts will be eradicated. So let us hope that the new Season will arrive as soon as possible. And if you like adventure shows and Anime and haven’t watched Made in Abyss till now, you seriously are missing out a lot. So watch the first Season till the second Season comes out.



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