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In today’s world, entertainment has become one of the most basic, and in other words, a primary need for humans. Many forms of entertainment exist like music, games, etc. but movies and TV shows have been one of the most consumed forms of entertainment for decades. But not many people can afford the cost of buying movies or other subscription services which provides movies and TV shows.

This is where websites like DownloadHub come into the picture.


What is DownloadHub, and How Did It Become Popular?

Downloadhub has been one of the most popular websites to stream or download content like movies and TV shows. Especially in countries like India, where the general population is not always able to afford to buy movies and shows regularly and watching movies in theaters is considered a luxury. It provides movies in different languages, including Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and many more. English or south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi are also available on the website. It also keeps in mind that many people are not able to afford costlier data plans to download movies.

For those, there is a separate section on the website which contains all the movies below 300 MBs in size. The website started off providing Hindi movies for Download in the beginning, but as its popularity soared, it also started providing movies in English and other Indian local languages. Many Indian and international TV shows and web series are also available for Download on the website now.

Another factor apart from the availability of vast amounts of content on the website, which contributed to the popularity of the website was the easy to use interface. The website is intuitive and easy to use, especially for people who are new to the internet. Favorite movies are neatly sorted and available on the homepage. All the movies are categorized in various categories based on their language, date of release, type of movie, according to file size, and even in alphabetical order. This makes searching for movies, and TV shows intuitive and easy.

Why Was DownloadHub Blocked?

As the popularity of downloadhub soared, many movie and TV production houses filed complaints about rampant violations of copyright laws by the website. Bollywood industry is estimated to incur losses of about $2.5 billion because of piracy. To prevent these massive losses, the Indian government, in recent times, has amended the anti-piracy laws of the country. Enforcement agencies have also started enforcing these laws more strictly than before.

Some members of the group responsible for the functioning of Download Hub were also arrested from different parts of India, and the website was banned in the country and declared illegal. But even after being blocked, there are ways in which the website can be easily accessed in India. In this article, we will have a look at some of how this can be achieved.

How To Open DownloadHub On Any Device

Before learning how to open DownloadHub, we should know how it works. The website does not host any content on its servers. They use third party servers and only provide the links to the files on their servers. This makes the Download faster and also reduces the costs required for the maintenance of servers.

This also makes it easier to provide content when access to the server is blocked. Since it has been deemed illegal by the Government Of India and the access to it is blocked by the government, it has to keep changing the domain extension of the website continuously. So even though the name remains the same, domain extensions of the website keep changing from time to time. Some of the working domain extension currently are:

  • Downloadhub.ta

On Desktop Computers Using Vpn

  • Since google chrome is one of the most popular desktop browsers, there is a good chance that you will be using Chrome or a Chrome-based browser.
  • First of all, we need to set up a VPN extension. For Desktops, the process is a bit different than that of mobile devices.
  • We also need a reliable and free VPN service provider. It should be able to provide good download and upload speeds for cheap.
  • One such service which is perfect for this is TunnelBear It has servers all over the world. Also, TunnelBear does not need any sign-up or subscription for getting decent download speeds.
  • Now to begin, Download the TunnelBear extension for the browser from google or the links mentioned above.
  • Follow the steps mentioned on the website and install the VPN extension. When it is installed, select the country whose server you want to use.
  • Now use any of the links provided above and open the website.
  • Many domain extensions are banned in more than one country. So while selecting the country, choose a country that has not banned the link yet.

On Mobile Devices Using Vpn

  • On mobile operating systems like Android and IOS, it is relatively easier to install a VPN application and to tunnel the whole device through that.
  • In the case of both the operating systems, search the respective Application stores, App store on IOS, and Play store on Android for TunnelBear VPN service. You can also download the VPN service you prefer.
  • After the VPN is downloaded and installed, run the application and start the VPN such that the whole device is tunneled through it.
  • Select a server that is in a country where download hub domains are not banned.
  • Now open the browser of your choice and go to any of the links mentioned above. The website can now be accessed.

On Mobile or Desktop Devices Without Vpn

Given the privacy-conscious people are becoming, many users are not comfortable with their data being transferred through servers placed in unknown remote locations. It has inherent privacy risks, and snooping on such data, and using this data to extract sensitive information like Bank details is easy. This is because the data packets are routed through many unknown servers before they reach their destination. The security measures taken by the VPN companies are often not enough to stop any unauthorized access. Even if the measures are taken, they do not have as many resources as big corporations and banks to have enough data security.

One more problem with VPN services is that most of the popular VPN services need a subscription to get decent speeds. Speeds on cheap or free plans are not adequate to download movies and TV shows. So buying a VPN subscription to pirate, a movie does not make any sense. Because of these reasons, an alternative method known as Proxy websites is getting popular. These work the same as a VPN, but instead of diverting all the data through remote servers, these only divert the data which you want to be diverted. This protects the rest of the data from leaking or falling into the wrong hands.

Also, most of these proxy websites do not need any kind of subscription to use and hence can be used by anyone.

Following is the process to use a Proxy Website to Unblock DownloadHub:

  • Open any browser you prefer on Desktop computer or your mobile device.
  • Search for proxy websites on google or choose from the ones provided below. These are one of the most popular proxy websites available:
    • ProxySite
    • HideMyAss
    • Kproxy
    • CoxyProxy
    • me
    • Hidester Proxy

After opening most of these websites, the address bar will be available on the home page where you can enter the address of the website you want to visit, in this case, DownloadHub. But for and HideMyAss follow the procedure given below to access the address bar:

  • Open the link is given above.
  • Click on the menu option and select VPN apps.
  • From the list of VPN apps, select TOOLS option.
  • From the given tools, select the FREE PROXY option.
  • The webpage containing the address bar will appear.


  • Open the website from the link given above.
  • Click on the menu option on the homepage of the website.
  • Select TOOLS to option from the drop-down list.
  • Under tools, choose the WEB PROXY option.
  • The web page having the address bar will open up.
  • After the address bar on the proxy website is visible, choose the servers from your desired country.
  • Now type the working address of DownloadHub in the address bar and click GO.
  • If the website is not blocked in the country, it will open up.
  • Many of these web proxy services provide extensions and add ons for the service, which makes it easier to use the service without visiting the website and going through the hassle of finding the address bar on the website.

These were some of the methods which can be used to access DownloadHub from anywhere in the world, even if the website is banned or blocked in that country or region.


DownloadHub has always been one of the most popular websites to download or watch pirated content for Bollywood and Indian regional movies. The design of the website is straightforward to use, and the content library available on the website is superior to many other similar websites.

The movies are available in smaller sizes and are easy to search or discover. These reasons make it popular in the subcontinent and in other countries where Bollywood movies are not released. It also leaked some movies even before their official release, and that was one of the major reasons behind it getting banned in many countries.

Even though it is banned, it is still functioning discreetly. If the steps mentioned in this article are correctly followed, the website can be easily accessed from any country or region of the world.



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