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In this era of modern technology, streaming or downloading the movie and TV shows is getting popular day by day due to their easy availability on different websites which provides all the movies and shows on the day of their release. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss two of the leading websites named DownloadHub and Torrent with all their pros, cons and differences between them.


What is DownloadHub?

It is a free movie downloading website platform which allows streaming and downloading movies free on the internet. It provides you with a massive collection of latest Hollywood, Bollywood, south films and TV shows. It provides you with all the content in HD quality. No other website can stand in front of DownloadHub in terms of uploads in latest Tamil, Telegu, Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It is effortless to download Hindi dubbed versions of south movies from here.

It is the most excellent torrent movie site according to its users just because of the latest upload of movies and TV shows in dual audio as well as 300mb movies to download.


  • It provides a wide range of movies and shows to download a free of cost.
  • It will enable you to stream your favourite videos online without downloading them.
  • It has a clean user interface and category menu which enables users to navigate through their favourite movies easily.
  • On this website, the content is different for different countries. That is the sole reason why this website is popular in the entire world.


  • The bad thing about this website is that you will have to go through several ads.
  • As this is a piracy website, it can be blocked any time by the government and again come back with different domains. So, you have to be in touch with the developers.

How to download from DownloadHub?

As we all know, DownloadHub is an illegal piracy website due to which downloading is quite complicated and banned in some countries, but there are ways which help you to download all its content offline.

You need to follow the given steps to download content from DownloadHub:

Step 1: Firstly, open the DownloadHub website.

Step 2: Click on the search bar of the website and type the name of the movie or TV show you want to watch.

Step 3: After searching if the content is available, it will provide you with two options either to play it online or download it. You have to choose from the two.

Step 4: If you want to download the particular file, click on the second option download. It will take some seconds, and then the downloading process will start. Pc users can also use IDM to download videos from Download Hub.

How to access the DownloadHub website using VPN?

These kinds of websites are generally banned in various countries, but still, there is always a way to access them.


  1. You have to install a VPN (Express, Nord, Tunnel Bear, etc.) along with chrome browser preferred.
  2. Once you are done with the installation process, set up the VPN connection with the server of the United States.
  3. Now, you have connected to a new IP address, go to the official website of Download Hub.
  4. Now, you are all set to download and stream movies and TV shows from Download Hub.

Different domains of DownloadHub

As mentioned above, DownloadHub is a piracy website which is the reason behind its multiple domains. Some of the domains of DownloadHub are:


Categories of content that DownloadHub provides: –

Download Hub contains a large variety of contents in different languages, format, video quality and size. Here are the names of some type of categories that is available on the website:

  • Comedy – Generally, most people are fond of comedy movies and TV shows. You can get all the list of comedy movies on this website. It is one of the popular options found on all movie sites.
  • Action – Action category is the most popular among teenagers as they love to watch action movies and web series.
  • Horror – Another popular category of movies and TV shows which people love to watch. Not only among teenagers, but the craze of horror movies is also for adults.
  • Romantic – Many people love to watch romantic content in the form of movies and TV shows. Download Hub provides a vast collection of romantic movies like Titanic, A walk to remember etc.
  • Children – This category is mainly for children which consist of cartoon films and other cartoon shows which are popular among kids. Some famous examples are Shin-Chan, Tom and Jerry etc.
  • Science and Fantasy – This the favourite category of Tech freaks which contains movies based on fictional facts.

What is a Torrent?

Torrents are usually a file that holds information about other files and folders. Like, when you download a gaming torrent, it contains the information which lets you get that game.

BitTorrent, another family of torrent files which has a size not more significant than a few kilobytes. Sharing or transferring a file over P2P is generally known as Torrenting. Torrenting enables a number of users to connect and share their files worldwide.


  • It is free of cost.
  • If the central download server is down, you can use another server as the file is not uploaded to a single server only.
  • It gives us an option to pause and resume the downloads.
  • It provides the feature of downloading several files at once.


  • The file you want to download must contain “seeds” else you won’t be able to download it.
  • There is no way to see the quality of content in the file before downloading it.
  • Using torrent leads you to expose your IP address to many people. So, if you want to protect your privacy, you must use VPN.

How to download from torrent?

You have to follow these steps for the successful download of any file from torrent:

  1. First of all, you have to download a torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent, which are so easy to use.
  2. Now, you have to look for the file you want to download. Upon finding the desired file, you have to ensure that it has good reviews on it and does not carry any viruses.
  3. Download the torrent file by clicking on the download button or the magnet link.
  4. After downloading the .torrent file, you have to open that file in the torrent client and select the desired location for your file.
  5. The provided magnet link will execute the download directly without downloading the .torrent file.

Best Torrent sites:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. RARBG
  3. 1337x
  4. Torlock
  5. YTS
  6. Eztv
  7. Zooqle
  8. LimeTorrets

Difference between DownloadHub and Torrent:



It provides you with all the movie and TV shows at free of cost.

It provides you with all the latest cracked software and pc games along with movie and TV shows.

You can stream online and the quality of content.

It is not possible in torrent to view the quality of a file before downloading it.

This website carries a bunch of ads.

Torrent does not have any ads.

She fixed downloading speed.

You can speed up the downloading process with the use of VPNs.


Q1. Is Torrenting Safe?

Yes, it is entirely safe and free from all viruses and malware. You have to be aware of the downloaded file which can be safe or unsafe. It is essential to know what data it contains because some files may contain toxic malware which can harm your computers severely.

Q2. How to speed up torrenting?

Some of the premium VPNs like Express VPN or Nord VPN provide an extensive server network which offers unlimited speed and bandwidth.

Q3. Can I get caught while torrenting?

It depends on the torrent file if it includes copyrighted content you could face severe fines or legal action. So, you must use a VPN while torrenting. A VPN will keep your IP address hidden and prevent anyone from tracking you.


From this article, it is somehow clear that there is not much difference between DownloadHub and torrent. It entirely depends on the user’s choice of what they want to use as both of them provide the same quality of content. DownloadHub is generally specialized for movies, and TV shows and torrent is useful for software’s, cracked Pc games and many more rather than movies and shows.

From the right end, downloading or streaming copyrighted content without actually paying for is considered a crime. We do not intend you to support any kind of piracy. You must know that downloading or streaming copyrighted content is illegal.

We recommend you to take care of your safety and your data by the help of VPN service. It does not matter which platform you use either DownloadHub or torrent; both are piracy websites. This article is only for educational and awareness purposes. I hope you all liked this article and if you do, don’t forget to share it once.



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