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Time for some Zombie thriller. Black Summer season 2, which is going to be a sequel to Black Summer, has created a lot of buzz among the fans who love zombies and horror movies. So today, we will answer some of the most popular queries that people have regarding this new season of Black Summer Season 2.

The components of this article will be in the following order-

  • Will there be a second season of Black Summer?
  • Who will be in the development team?
  • When will the second season release?
  • Is the trailer out yet?
  • What will be the cast of this new season?
  • What will happen in Black Summer Season 2?
  • And some additional information as a bonus for you all for being such amazing fans.

But before we find answers to all these questions, let us first learn some facts about the previous season and the show. This will help us better understand what we can expect from the next season. So let’s proceed.

Black Summer Season 2 Latest Updates

Black Summer is an American drama series involving zombies. It is of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction and drama genres. Created by Karl Schaaer and John Hyams, this show is set in Z Nation( a popular zombie series) universe.

It is about Rose(Jamie King) who begins a search for her daughter, Anna, six months after the start of the zombie apocalypse. She is joined by some survivors who are strangers to her. They unite their forces and team together to escape from the zombies and find their missing loved ones.

The first season of Black Summer released on 11th April 2019 on Netflix. It is believed that Netflix had asked the creators of Z Nation,i.e., Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, to create a new show called Black Summer.

The first season of Black Summer consisted of 8 episodes. Some episodes had a running time of 20-30 minutes while some episodes were of longer durations(about 40-45 minutes). This was done to not bore the viewers by deliberately extending the episodes just to make it longer(And seems like it worked out pretty well) Viewers were very thrilled watching the first season and also very upset about the fact that it only had eight episodes.

Since the release of the season, one fan is eagerly waiting for Black Summer Season 2. And are very eager to know when it will be aired, who will be in the next season and what the next season will be like. Here we will try our best to answer all your queries and also provide you with the latest information.

Let us start with the team, which will be behind the camera.


Development Team

The new season of Black Summer will not have many changes in terms of the production team.

Writer-This new season will be written by John Hyams, who has also written the Z Nation series.

Producer- The second season would be produced by the protagonist of Black Summer herself, Jamie King, who was also in the drama series Hart of Dixie.

Director Black Summer Season 2 will be directed by John Hyam, himself.

Network- The new season will be available to users on Netflix.

Production Company- The second installment of the series will be produced by The Asylum, just like the previous season.

Cinematographer- like the previous season, the in-charge of cinematography for the series would be Goron Lavy and Spiro Giant. The previous season was highly appreciated for its cinematography.

The only significant change would be the absence of Karl Schaefer, the co-writer of the previous season alongside John Hyams.

Announcement Day

Netflix announced the renewal of season 2 on 20th November 2019, which was quite odd because it took more than half a year for Netflix to decide whether there would be a second season or not. In general, it takes a month or two for it to decide and about the next season. But the good part is that there is an official confirmation about the second season.

Now that we know that there has been an official confirmation about the series let us see when we will be able to watch it.

Release Date: When Will Black Summer Season 2 Release?

After Netflix announced about Black Summer Season 2, it was anticipated to be released in 2020. Still, because of the pandemic and lockdown regulations, its production has been stopped, and release has been delayed just like other movies and TV shows.

The shootings of the series had already begun in the early period of the year 2020, but unfortunately, it was called off due to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

The actual updated release date has not yet been announced, but it is believed that the shootings will start late in 2020, and we will be able to watch it by mid or late 2021.

So, sadly, we will have to wait a long duration for the series to be released and will have to be a lot more patient.

But it is also true that the longer we wait, the more excited we will be and also the show will get better as the team has got extra time for writing and planning.

Trailer Release: is the Trailer of Black Summer Season 2 Out Yet?

Since the shooting has not completed yet, the trailer is also not released. Usually, the trailers are released a month before the release of the actual show, so that we will be anticipating the trailers by mid-2021. The previous season had four trailers that were released back to back. Hopefully, this season will also consist of 4 or more trailers that can provide us more insights about what is going to happen in the show.

If we are lucky, we can also witness the trailer by the end of 2020 (only if the shootings and productions are speeded up).

You may find videos claiming that they are the trailer of season 2, but it is not the truth. They are fake fan-made trailers that won’t tell you what is about to happen in the next movie.

Now that we know the trailer isn’t out yet let us see who we can see in season 2 of Black Summer.

Cast: Who Will Be in Black Summer Season 2?

Black summer season 2 will see comebacks of many characters, and it is also possible that we get to see some new faces.

Jamie King, who is also the producer this season, will be back in the second season as the show’s protagonist Rose who was in search of her daughter last season.

We will also see Justin Chu Carry play the role of Spears, Christian Lee, as Kyungsum.

Viewers are very skeptical about whether they will see Sal Velez Jr as William in the second season of the show. And why not even he is not sure whether he will make a comeback or not. He in an interview is not allowed to say whether he was killed in the previous season or not.

We will also see Zoe Marlett as Anna, Rose’s daughter.

There has not been any official announcement regarding the cast of the new season, so we will not be able to know which new faces we can see in this season.

Plot: What Can We Expect in Black Summer Season 2?

We don’t know whether we are going to see William in the second season, but if he is in the second season, then he would be a possible threat for others as he has been converted into a zombie.

We also saw in the last season that Rose was able to complete her objective of finding her daughter, Anna, even after the fatal zombie apocalypse. This may sound like an end to a story, but the new season will come and will focus on a different direction than the previous season as the zombies weren’t dead, so the problem is not finished. There are possible threats everywhere for our survivors, and in this second season, they will have to be more conscious.

From the previous, we are sure about one thing that anything can happen to any character, and this makes the show unpredictable and thrilling. There will be twists and turns all through the plot, and we may end up binge-watching the show. And also refrain from liking a character and feeling connected with it. Because you never know who can be the next person who will get killed. It could be that character.

When we mentioned above that this is not like any other zombie movie or show, we meant it. Unlike the other shows, where a group of zombies is easily killed by a single person, here people feel it very difficult to take on zombies even when they outnumber them. So it will be interesting to see how the characters this season will deal with these zombies and will they be able to get rid of them.

According to the creators, this is a “refugee story” and symbolizes many things that are prevailing around society.

According to the producer and the lead actress, this season would be full of surprises and shocks, and unexpected things twists will happen more frequently.

Nonetheless, this season just like the previous one, will contain drama, horror, and of course, the zombies. It will include all these elements but in a higher quantity. Just what we expect from the franchise.

Also, this might be the spinoff of another popular zombie apocalyptic drama, Z Nation, but it won’t involve any character from that show. The only connection the two series have are the creators and yes, the zombies.

Additional Information

We can expect the approach of the creators in the previous season to be repeated this time. Black summer season 2, like the previous season, will have an indefinite run time for its episodes. The runtime would be according to the plot of the episode, and the length will not be unnecessarily extended, which may bore the viewers. The runtime of the episodes will be between 20 episodes and 40 minutes.

This season will consist of 8 episodes like the previous season. This might make many viewers unhappy and unsatisfied after watching this as they had to wait a lot for this season. But this could be overcome by the excellent storyline and good acting, of course.

This series not just focuses on the protagonist, but it also gives great importance to other characters of the story and tells a lot about their lives. And we are very sure that the new season will walk the same path.


If you like zombies(again not literally) and haven’t watched this show that you are missing out on so much of amazing-stuff, and you should watch the first season by the time the season releases. Also, there are many things about the show that we will only get to know after the announcement of the release date and other information, and they’re also are some things that we will only get to know after watching the new season. So let us hope that the new season is released as soon as possible, and is even better than the previous season.



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