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Today we will be answering all the queries regarding Carnival Row season 2 and also giving some additional information and all the updates about this new season of Carnival Row.

But before looking into the questions and their answers, let us first learn some facts about the show, which will help us better understand what will happen in this new season and also increase our excitement for the new show. So let’s proceed.

Created by Rene Echevarria and Travis Beacham, Carnival Row stars Orlando Bloom, a world-famous actor known for his role in The Pirates of Caribbean (which itself is a masterpiece) and a world-famous model and actress Cara Delevingne, famous for Suicide Squad(2016), in the lead role. It pictures a town where the number of “mythological” immigrants is increasing, and meanwhile, it is also struggling to ‘coexist’ with the mundane(human) population of the town of Burge.

Based on the film script”A killing in Carnival Row,” the show is a steampunk, urban-fantasy, neo-noir, political drama, and thriller. Carnival Row is about a human detective named Rhycroft “Philo” Philostrate(Orlando Bloom) and a refugee faerie, Vignette Stonemoss(Cara Delevingne) who have an affair despite the status of the intolerant society prevalent then according to which a relationship between a human and a mythological creature as a potential sin and the human were looked down upon for this atrocious act of theirs.

It received a mixed response from the critics, but the viewers all around the globe more or less have liked the show(stunt) very much. They liked how it has tried to combine different elements of politics, crime, romance, society, and mythology in a single show. This way, it suits the viewers of different preferences.

Carnival Row Season 2 updates

It is an Amazon Prime original and has become one of the most viewed shows worldwide. Some reasons behind its success are excellent costume designing, good graphic editing, and also a great location that suited the show very well. The show’s shootings were done in the Czech Republic.

The show is awarded the 2020 Satellite Award for the best genre. It was released on 30th August 2019. Season 1 had a total of eight episodes. And each episode had a runtime of 50-67 minutes(which made the episodes very lengthy according to many).

Because it got such a good response from the viewers all around the world, everybody is eyeing on the second installment of the show and are very curious to know what the second season would follow. People are very eagerly waiting for Carnival Row. So let us learn about the second season. When will it release? Who will be in the second season? Is the trailer out yet? What will happen in the second season? And some additional information.

But before jumping into all this, let us see what the production team of the second season would be like.


Development Team

Their production team for this new season will not be any different than the previous season.

Creators- Just like the previous season, the creators of Carnival Row Season 2 will be Rene Echevarria and Travis Beacham.

Executive Producers- The executive producers of this new season are going to be Mark Guggenheim, Travis Beacham, Rene Echevarria, and some more.

Producer- The producer of the second season will be the lead actor Orlando Bloom himself. He was also the producer of the previous season.

Network- The show will be available on Amazon Prime(as it is an Amazon original).

Production company- The production companies for the upcoming season are Siesta Productions, Legendary Pictures, and, of course, Amazon studios.

Now that we know what the production team would look like, let us see what would be the release date of Carnival season 2.

Release Date: When Will Carnival Row Season 2 Release?

Earlier, the second installment of Carnival row was supposed to be released around the same time the first season was released in 2020,i.e., between August and September in 2020.

Just a month after the release of the first season, the crew started to work on the second season. Production for carnival row season 2 started in November 2019. The pandemic has affected business and operations worldwide, and the entertainment industry of all has been directly affected by this. So, because of the Covid-19 outbreak and the lockdown regulations, the production was halted in March 2020.

Productions are now expected to be finished after the end of 2020, or it could postpone further because of the uncertainty of the current situation. There are no official announcements made by the crew and team about the release date of season 2 of Carnival Row. But, as the first season released in August, this new season might also release in or around August 2019.

The bottom line is that we will be unable to see Philo and Vignette back together this year. This might upset many fans who were curious to learn how they turn of events take place in the second season, but it is what it is.

Trailer: is the Trailer for Carnival Row Season 2 Out Yet?

The ‘trailer’ for Carnival Row Season 2 isn’t out yet. It is because the season’s production is not finished yet. The 1st season’s trailer was out by 7th August 2019, less than a month before the show’s release. So we can expect the same with this season’s trailer also. The trailer may come out anytime between July and August.

And if we are lucky enough, both trailer and movie may be out in the first half of the year 2021. Let’s keep our “fingers crossed” and just ‘hope for the best.’

Now that we know about the release date of the second season of Carnival Row let us see whom we are going to see in this new season.

Cast: Who Will Be in Carnival Row Season 2?

The cast for this season won’t change very much. Although some characters have already died in the first season like the politician Absalom Breakspear and the antagonist Piety Breakspear, they may appear in dreams or memories of characters who are alive. We may also see the dead characters when a past event is displayed.

So the cast of the new season would be-

Orlando Bloom in the lead role as detective Rhycroft Philostrate. Cara Devingne, also in the lead role as the refugee Faerie Vignette Moss.

Simon McBurney will play the role of Runyan Millworthy. Tanzim Merchant will play Imogen Spurnrose. David Gyasi will appear as Agreus Astrayon. Andrew Gower will play the role of Ezra Spurnrose(Imogen’s Brother).

Karla Crome will play Tourmaline Laura’s character. Caroline Ford will be playing Sophie Longerbane, and Arty Froushan will appear as Piety Breakspear.

We can also see Indira Varma as Piety Breakspear and Jared Harris as Absalom Breakspear (though they are already dead).

No official announcement about the new cast has been made yet. But there are rumors that two prominent characters are being added in the second season. ‘Only time will tell’ whether all these rumors are right or wrong. And if they are correct, then it will be essential to know how they impact the story.

Plot: What Will Happen in Carnival Row Season 2?

Carnival Row involves a blend of different elements like politics, society, thrill, etc., and this is the reason it has been successful in the first place. The last season gave us many hints of what could happen in the coming season.

We saw Piety killing her husband and the political leader Absalom Breakspear. This would lead to political turmoil in the city of Burgue. We also saw Breakspear’s son Jonah Breakspear joining wands with their opposition and lover Sophie Longerbane. Both are step-siblings and also lovers so that we might see a show of incest in this season.

We may see more exploitation of the general masses and political disruption that has never happened before in Burgue(till Absalom was alive).

We also saw that Ezra Spurnrose became aware of her sister’s affair with Agreus Astrayon, and he confronted both of them for the same. The lovers managed to abandon the city of Burgue, but we may witness Ezra searching for them to trouble then for their “sin.”

We will also see more of the love between our protagonists Rhycroft Philostrate and Vignette Stonemoss. Their chemistry will get more intense and also their love for each other. Last season we saw that Vignette, along with other fairies and her love, Philo, ends up in detention. So, it will be exciting to see how on earth they will find their way out. It will also be interesting to see whether humans will treat mythological creatures as equals and not their subjects as they did in the first season.

The show Carnival Row, more or less, tries to reflect a lot of real-life issues that prevail in society(though it is fictional),i.e., the racism being practiced, stereotypes, exploitation, inequality, and all other types of depression. It will be essential to see what will happen to the faeries and all other types of mythological creatures. How will politics affect it? And will our protagonists manage to fight the odds that will come their way?

Carnival Row Season 2, compared to the previous season, will be more violent, more thrilling, more dramatic, and also more involving. This season will contain more magic, more mysteries, and also more romance.

A lot of secrets might be revealed. We might see an uprising of mythological creatures against the government.

There are a whole lot of questions that can be answered only after watching the second season of the show. So, let us hope that Carnival Row Season 2 manages to answer all our questions and that we witness the best the creators and the team have to offer in the second season.

Additional Information

Here is some fantastic and exciting news for all the Carnival Row fans who are waiting for the second season to come out. In an interview with “Collider,” the show’s Executive Producers -Marc Guggenheim and Travis Beacham talked about the number of seasons they have planned the show would have. They told us that their team is thinking about two more seasons, i.e., season 3 and season 4 of Carnival Row. And chances are we might not have to wait this long for the third season as compared to the second season.

The episodes of the second season will have a runtime of 50-67 minutes, just like the previous season. This long runtime might end up some viewers being bored. And just like the previous season, this season will also consist of 8 episodes full of drama, politics, romance, and thrill.

The production location this year will also remain the same,i.e., the Czech Republic.


Carnival Row has got a lot of viewership and buzz, and it will be essential for the team to satisfy this buzz with Carnival Row Season 2. As the first season got mixed reviews from the critics, this season would be their chance to bag excellent reviews and ratings from them and make up for the previous season. So let us hope this season comes as soon as possible and is worth cherishing and recommending



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