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In these challenging times, when the whole world is under lockdown due to a deadly virus, and no one has anything to do the entire day, the first thing that everyone wants to do is to binge-watch their favorite TV shows and movies that they had been wanting to see all this time but couldn’t due to the time constraints they had.

But still, not all of us can afford those hefty subscription fees of streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. As a result, what we look out for, are websites that allow you to stream and download your favorite content without any cost. There are several such options available on the world wide web, and one such option is Project Free TV.

Project Free TV is one of the oldest and most popular websites of its kind. The site provides you with TV shows and movies that are trending. To make sure that their users are getting exactly what they want, they regularly update their library of content. In other words, you can be sure that you will find all the latest episodes on the website.


How does project free Tv work?

Project Free TV unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime does not have its library of content, but rather has the link to sites that have the content you want to watch. In other words, when you search for a specific TV show or movie on the PFTV website, it gives you a list of links to various websites that contain the TV show or movie you searched for. It only provides you a link to sites where you can watch your TV show or movie for free. It can be said that PFTV is essentially a search engine that helps you search for free content online.

Although, having a site that easily helps you to find free content online might seem like a tempting idea, but it too has its downside. Sites like these regularly change their domains to keep themselves safe from being taken down because of copyright issues. This can put you in danger as well, but we will look into that later. First, let us understand how you can use PFTV to stream your favorite content.

How to use project free TV?

1. Before starting to use PFTV, you will need to open it on your browser window, and for that, you will need its domain. As mentioned earlier, sites like these regularly change their domain, which means searching for its domain can be a tedious task although there are websites that keep its users updated on the domains of sites like these. Therefore, you can get the domain by doing a little search on Google.

2. After you get the domain and open it on your browser, you will reach the homepage of PFTV. On the homepage, you will usually already find the trending TV shows and movies. There will also be a login button and a search bar. There is never any need to login to websites like these. Logging in will do nothing more than giving your email address to the site for them to spam you with emails. Not only that, but it will also put your security at risk if ever the site’s data gets leaked. So, no matter how much the site prompts you, it is never the right choice to sign up or log in to sites like these.

3. To get the desired content, you will now have to use the search bar. Free sites like these earn their money by ads and redirect links. So, clicking on the search bar might redirect you to other sites on the first couple of attempts. It is only after that that you will be able to search for your favorite show.

4. Once you search for the show you want to see, PFTV will show you a list of links to the sites which offer your requested content for free. You can open any of these links and watch your desired content. Mostly, all of these links are working, but some of them might be broken. If one link is broken, you can try the next one, and will indeed find a link that will work for you

Is Project Free TV safe?

Project Free TV is a legitimate site that has been offering its users free content for a long time. However, like every other site of its kind, it is too full of adware that frequently causes pop-ups and interrupts user’s routine. Although the website itself is safe, the links that the user is redirected to through pop-ups can be potentially dangerous. Also, the content which you will view can be illegal, but we will address that later. We will focus on the user’s online safety first.

Project Free TV has been on the internet for a very long time and therefore has changed its domain numerous times till now. After all this time, it is still one of the favorite sites for people who want to watch free content online. Most of those users have never reported any safety issue ever.

However, a lot of users have also said that they were tricked with fake Flash-Player updates, fake download pop-ups, or other redirects. After committing to these downloads, they found harmful viruses installed on their PCs.

Also, some users have reported that they were asked to give personal information on Project Free TV. As mentioned earlier, Project Free TV is a completely free website, and there is no need to give your email or credit card details. If you are ever asked to do so, immediately leave that website, as this can result in your data being stolen and sold on the black market. Thus, resulting in identity theft and stolen money.

Another problem with such sites is piracy-related concerns. Also, such websites are known to display aggressive and even dangerous ads. These ads are displayed in the form of pop-ups and even as sound ads. These pop-ups and redirects usually show up when you click on any button, like the login or search button or any of the link which is shown when you search for your content. After clicking on any of these things, you are immediately redirected to a new website. These redirects can not only be annoying but also can pose a danger to your PC.

Project Free TV is known to have comparatively few redirects compared to other such websites. However, no matter how less it’s redirect tendency may be, you can still easily end up on a fake support site or infected website with just one wrong click. Thus, if you use Project Free TV regularly, we highly recommend you use an up-to-date anti-virus or anti-malware program on your computer.

Signs of an ADWARE infection

Sites like Project Free TV earn their money and can run because of ads, pop-ups, and redirects. These ads are caused by third-parties which in turn want to increase traffic on their site and earn money. The only purpose of these ads is that they keep Project Free TV running and Project Free TV takes no responsibility for the content of these ads.

Therefore, it is up to you to remain safe from these intrusive ads. Thus, it is better to ignore all the ads as much as possible. Even though PFTV itself hasn’t been known to spread viruses, its ads might still prompt and trick you into downloading software and files that may contain malicious viruses that will cause pop-ups and ads even while browsing the internet. If you are a Project Free TV user and something like this starts happening to you, then there’s no doubt you downloaded something wrong from the website.

Ways to remain safe

To keep yourself and your PC safe from such malware and adware, you should be extra attentive before downloading anything from an unauthorized source. To remain safe, you should scan the downloaded file using an anti-virus before installing the program. Also, you should install the program using the Custom or Advanced installation method. These precautionary measures will ensure a bit of extra safety while surfing sites like Project Free TV.

Is project free TV legal?

Although we mentioned that sites like these keep on changing their domain to avoid being taken down due to copyright and infringement issues, there is nothing that you need to worry about as a user of Project Free TV.

While what the website owners are doing is illegal by giving out copyrighted content for free without any sort of license or permission, you are not the one at fault by watching it. It is legal to view illegal content on your computer personally. Although, if you distribute the content, then you are doing an illegal thing. Downloading illegal content on your computer is a punishable offense in some countries.

Project Free TV provides you with content to stream online, not download them. Therefore, everything you do on PFTV is entirely legal.



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