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Technology has always contributed immensely in the field of entertainment, giving tons of online entertainment platforms for accessing quality content. One of these platforms is Project Free TV, and it is used by many people to watch best-rated shows that are new to the screens.

The plus point about using Project T.V. is that you get access to several new shows within 24 hours of your sign-up. Consisting of several movies and television episodes with steam links, this platform is back online under a new domain every time it is taken down.

The previous URL, which was redirected the user to a blank page showing a goodbye message, but now the new domain is fully accessible. To access the new Project T.V., all you have to do is google the phrase “Project Free T.V.” and click on the link The new domain gives you access to all new shows as well as the previous ones.


Project Free T.V. – About the platform and how to use it?

Nowadays, watching your favorite T.V. shows requires you to pay for them. Thanks to Project Free T.V., it brings you thousands of popular T.V. programs to watch online for free. A nice thing about using Project Free T.V. is that it has scheduling information that makes sure you don’t miss even a single episode of your favorite T.V. program.

Project Free T.V. is very easy to use. First of all, you need to sign up and create an account on the website. Then you can search for the show that you want to watch. When you get the show that you want to watch then click on the link associated with it. This link will redirect you to another webpage where the video is located. You can entertain yourself and play the video directly in the web player of your internet browser without paying a penny.

There is the fact that Project Free T.V. has been there for quite a long time and has been proved as a reliable source of entertainment for all its users. There are many other online entertainment platforms that offer similar services of online video streaming, but only a few of them hold the copyright of producing these videos to its users. Project Free T.V. also suffered from petitions filed by ISPs not to allow third-party websites to stream content.

This occurred in the U.K. in November 2013. Although the domain has been changed now, there are still a lot of users who are getting entertained by the services of this platform. Internet is the future of entertainment, and many more such platforms are going to be introduced in the future. There have been discussions about several alternatives that can use the internet for entertainment for free. There is no customer review or communication channel over which the user can communicate about the update or when the website is down or not working efficiently. Still, it has a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) page informing how this website deals with copyright issues.

Project Free T.V. clearly states that it’s only acting as a service provider and has no control or regulation over the content being uploaded on the website by users. It only provides servers on which the uploaded content is distributed among other users. Project Free T.V. has produced guidelines about how they handle copyright issues.

If you work all time and are unable to watch your favorite T.V. shows on time them, Project Free T.V. is the real deal for you. This free online entertainment platform is popular, and new content gets uploaded very frequently. It provides high-quality content, and you’ll experience adequate security on this platform compared to others.

If we summarize how to use Project Free T.V., all you have to do is search Project Free T.V., and open the new domain link “”. Then you have to sign up and create an account. Finally, you can search the show and go to the link redirecting to the video. You may need to use a VPN to unblock Project Free T.V. as it is blocked in many areas.

Is using Project Free Tv Legal?

If along with the wish of watching T.V. shows the fear of being fined also haunts you, then read this section, and we’ll be clearing all the doubts related to this platform. Project Free T.V. is one of the popular platforms that produce illegal content for its users, and the users have no idea whether they can be penalized or not.

It is illegal to upload any kind of illegal content on Project Free T.V. It is a search engine for video content and searching so you cannot be penalized for watching any of the illegal content. However, you cannot download any of the illegal content under any circumstance. You can just watch them online in private. It would be against the law to publicly show any of the content that is not meant to be there.

The good thing about Project Free T.V. is that it provides only the streaming link to the user. Download links are not provided to the user, so this platform is legal, and there is no need to worry about penalties while using it.

If you are some geeky genius who cracked a way to download Project T.V. content, then you need to worry about the consequences. For instance, there is 10-year imprisonment for downloading illegal content in Britain. The U.S generally leaves illegal downloaders with fines rather than prison sentences. It’s better than jail, but still, the fines are quite hefty. Giving a personal opinion, sticking to the steaming option is quite a healthy one.


● The site loads quite quickly as compared to other alternatives.
● The latest content is available on it. New content gets uploaded on the website frequently.


● The website is not that visually appealing. A lack of style and animation is present.
● Tons of ads and adware are there on this website. Clicking on links redirect you to ads and download different adware that may slow down the system.
● It does not offer movies, but the only T.V. shows.
● VPN is needed to access the website as it is banned in certain countries.

Alternatives to Project Free Tv

● YouTube

It is the most popular alternative to Project Free T.V. It has an extensive collection of video content from movies, tv shows to music videos and speeches. Since it is a community platform video that is available today may not be available tomorrow. It may get deleted under some circumstances. But there is the fact that it is available globally without restrictions.

● Stream2Watch

This website is more of a sports program streaming website. It covers a wide range of sports, like cycling, swimming, boxing, darts, etc. It allows you to watch your favourite sports on the go. All you have to do is select the category. Although the site contains a few ads, still users can enjoy their show on a different tab. This is a good entertainment option for sports enthusiasts.

● ShareTV

It is one of the websites with real-time updates. Most of the latest T.V. shows are available on this platform. Previous websites named Kiss Asian and Kshow123 had only Asian content, but now Share T.V. contains shows from all over the world, including the western part. The website contains Talk shows, dances, singing shows, etc. This site has an affiliation from various networks like ABC, SYFY, Showtime, NBC, and Fox to provide users with free service.

● Sidereel

It is a popular alternative for movie streaming. Like project free tv, Sidereel also has a genre list from which you can select from the indexed movies. This website contains the T.V. Series, movies, web series, etc. The feature that makes this website popular is that it always provides information about upcoming shows and movies on the website for its viewers.

● T.V. Duck

It is a comfortable option for live streaming. Although the layout of the website is not right, still users can find a television show of your choice. It does not have any indexing or grouping so you must know what you want to watch else you’ll end up frustrating finding an excellent show to watch. Also, it doesn’t provide any information about upcoming content on the website.

● PopcornFlix

Started in 2010 this website came forward as one of the most popular websites to stream movies online. It is popular among college students. It is like a search engine and provides the latest content without any hassle. It also allows you to download movies, but download links redirect to many adware. It downloads the content to any operating system via a browser, and the website is visually appealing too.


So, in short, if you are unable to catch up on your favorite T.V. shows and movies or just looking for some free entertainment on the project, free tv is a suitable option. With an internet connection and a VPN, you can unlock the experience to stream the shows that you want to watch safely.

To be on a safe side, read all safety policies and legal documents before using any free platform to watch any content.



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